The Underground: Part Two

Author’s Note: Disclaimer. This is in no way based off of Maze Runner. I do notice the similarities after someone pointed them out. Sorry you feel this way. But thanks for all the support so far! 😄 I’m so sorry for the delay. I’ve been really busy lately 😥

I stood facing someone. He had a mess of dark brown hair, dark green eyes, and a slight smile. There was nothing but a grassy plain around us.

“Who are you?” I asked this person.

He spoke up, looking at me. “Well, I’m really surprised you don’t remember… I’m you. I always have been. But you’ve changed now…” He looked away. What did he mean? He’s me? I’m him? How the hell is this possible? I just shook my head. “What the hell do you mean? I don’t know what you’re talking about, okay?”

He just looked at me with a sad look. “You were wondering who there was before Cut. Now you know. I’m you, I’m Jason.”

I don’t remember much more of the dream.

But I do remember these parts.

There was a crack and the plain opened up into a huge fissure. I was sucked in as this “Jason” just watched sadly. I felt like I was being suffocated… Then my eyes snapped open and I felt hands wrapped around my neck. I was being strangled! Someone was sitting on my legs, their arms outstretched. I tried to cry out, but I only made a little whimper. My attacker’s shaved head was only just visible in this dark. He then muttered under his breath.

“S**t… I wanted to do this while you were sleeping…” He squeezed tighter. My vision was starting to blur, and I thought it was over. But then, my saviour arrived! A hand reached over and grabbed the attacker’s head. Then he slammed it against the side of my cubicle. The hands let go instantly, and I sucked in great amounts of air, so much. This person who saved me said, “Start the lights! Quick!” I recognized the deep voice as Block. He waited for the lights to come on.

When they did, he looked at this attacker.

His eyes grew in surprise. “The hell… You were dead… Sock! Get the hell over here! You won’t believe this!”

Sock scrambled over, jumping over cubicles, when he stopped at mine. He looked at the attacker.

“It’s Burr.” He said.

I got a better look. This person seemed to have at one point in time, burned off his face. His head was a tangle of black hair, grown long and filthy. His eyes were closed. He took shallow breaths. Unconscious. He had no eyebrows, and no eyelashes. His lips were burned off, revealing more of his jaws then I wanted to see. His nose was a mere stub on his face, and his ears were just holes in his head. I felt sick.

Block and Sock were whispering. Block came over and he checked my throat. “It’s badly bruised. We can’t do much. Try not to talk.”

I nodded in understanding. It hurt so much…

This “Burr” person, from my understanding, was someone who had died years prior. He then reappeared here. I don’t know. But he wanted me dead. Sock pulled his body away. Said he was going to “Dispose of it”.

Block then pulled me aside. “I might as well explain The Elimination. Basically, we get dropped into a huge arena, and fight until a timer goes off. There are multiple traps as well, fire traps, spike traps, etcetera. Burr got burned, as you could see. You just need to survive. We have one scheduled today. Get ready.” With that, he got up and walked away.

I’m scared. I might kill someone. But who would be the killer then? Jason? Or Cut? I was starting to think that maybe we were the same person. As one. But separated. Am I losing it?

I put my head in my hands. I am losing it. I need to figure out who Jason is. But while I’m here, I’m Cut.

I’m Cut.

I repeated this as I walked to the arena entrance. The door led to a small room. A small scanner sat on the other end of the room. I walked over to it.

“Eye identification please. Place your eye in front of the scanner.”

“Okay.” I looked straight at it.

“Welcome, Cut. Please prepare for equipping. Good luck.”

The floor opened up beneath me and I fell into a tube. I was startled, but I said nothing as I didn’t want to damage my throat further.

I reached the end of the tube, and was promptly thrown on the floor. In front of me, there was a table with a metal sheet on it. It had a s******n the top. There was also a knife. A kitchen knife, I guess. I attached the metal sheet to my front like armour. I grabbed the knife.

A door opened up in front of me. I walked through, into the arena.

It was huge, with a center, and barricades scattered around. I saw two people fighting in the middle. I decided to look around.

Almost as soon as I turned, someone jumped at me, They had a small blade.

“Ragh! I’ll get you!” He yelled. He thrust his blade towards me, nearly cutting me in the process. Adrenaline pumped through my veins, and with unknown instincts, I slammed the blade between his neck and shoulder.

Blood poured from the wound, and I quickly grabbed my knife back.

“How… What?” The person I cut fell over. I looked at him, and left.

“Jason, open up! Now! Get out!” Mom was screaming through the door. She was banging on it now, trying to unlock it. But too late. It was bolted shut, and locked. I sat on the bathroom floor, a smile on my face, a kitchen knife it my hand. I was going to end this all, right here, right now. Mom can’t stop me. Dad pushed me to this. I was miserable. But now, I’ll finish this. I put the knife to my wrist. Mom slammed on the door.

  • Dani Leigh Snyder

    Alright I’m hooked, I need the parts that follow! Intriguing story!

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    Yeah I agree it kinda lost me there too

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    Not bad. One concept I found intriguing about this is Cut’s attempt to understand who he is: Jason, or Cut. Not to go too deep into my own life but as a Marine, we refer to each other only by our last names. After only hearing “Detto” for a while (the shortened version of my last name that I go by because Di Benedetto is quite the hassle to say frequently) I started to feel like I wasn’t “Dan” anymore. Sometimes, I’d wonder to myself, is this Dan, or Detto, thinking something like this. Jason, or Cut’s, struggle with identity when given a different name in a different environment is relatable and realistic, and I like it.