The Fly (Part 1)

You’re most certainly unaware of who’m is in your presence, in the corner; watching you silently. His steps go unnoticed, as well as most movements; occasionally, a faint sound may be heard. He is stealth, observing from afar. Deep in your mind lay a little being, with 6 legs and five eyes. Nestled comfortably, is the fly.

He welcomes you, for his home is your own. He doesn’t require your acceptance, in fact, his happiness is fulfilled solely on your presence alone. Can you really question something you aren’t aware of?

All he asks of you, is to be respectful. Be mindful… literally. When your mood fluctuates, he feels it. Deep in the mind of his own. If you happen to be having a particularly hard week, it may permanently impact the fly… In ways you couldn’t possibly understand. This is his residence, as I’ve said, his place of peace and tranquility; until something disrupts it. Mind you, he may feel a little bit unstable when his environment is constantly changing. What was once a place of comfort may now be a place of great havoc and paranoia.

The fly doesn’t want you to feel controlled by any means, or as if you’re under some sort of spell; You should give a little bit of space for him to breath, he can only take so much (from time to time, he even gets claustrophobic).

You may not be aware, but you are his caretaker, and he is your guide. This is a team effort. He could at any time, pack his bags and fly away; but he stays put. If that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is.
Do not put the weight of the world on Mr.Fly. Being in such a small space isn’t easy, he’s doing this for you (and the company, he is very lonely). Although it is important to focus on the positive you simply must beware not to block all the negative out! Simply because there are some things we must face, to prevent us from getting into a rutt. I’m not sure if you can handle it, but we both know now, that Mr. Fly can’t. He is a fragile being when poked too many times, and needs time to heal.

When you sleep, he nestles deep, deep down into your Pineal Gland. He takes a big part in your dreams. If he is too stressed from the outside world, you may see things you don’t want to see. However, if he is content, you could end up in a beautiful field of rainbows and sunshine… And uh, you know, whatever floats your boat.

(End of Part 1)

  • Im Stingrayy

    Well now i feel bad for killing all the flies

  • Puddin Tane

    Just yo let you know, flies have multi faceted eyes, kind of like bees. Meaning they see hundreds of the same image at once. Research your subject first. Just saying.