The Figure

You’ve seen it… we’ve all seen it… a figure that out minds are making up… but this one… this one everyone saw…

It was just another ordinary Tuesday at school, I was in English class and we were learning about predicates and vocabulary words and stuff like that.

All of a sudden, the smart board stopped working- we have smart boards at our school- and we had to get a worker from the school into the class so he could fix it.

So we sat there for about 5 minutes in silence… it felt like an eternity… and all of a sudden, the whole school power goes out.

“F**k,” I say out loud.

As we started waiting for the power to get back on, I decided to draw.

All of a sudden, I see someone fall from our roof… or… something…

As the teacher was panicking, I got up to investigate.

When I got up to look out the window… nothing… nothing but leaves.

Then, the whole class heard a girl screaming from the other room.

I got up to go see who it was… I recognized the scream…

I ran out the door to see where it came from. I gasped in disbelief…

A figure… in the middle of the hall where the girl was screaming… it’s holding her head in it’s hands… it started walking toward me… I booked it the other way and…

The exit door.

I ran into the woods. I eventually got to the Giant I used to live near and told someone about it. They called the police.

The police went to the school to investigate. They found the girl’s head… detached from her body… but no signs of somebody tearing her head off…

Ever since then… I’ve been scared to look out the window of the classroom to see a tall, black figure, standing there, staring at me.

  • Imadeanaccounttosayyousuck

    I just hope that you’re very young and learning how to write and that English is your second language. The first sentence…just…is a forshadowing of the whole thing.