The Fade

This is all a true story, I s**t you not. This happened not to long ago too. I was in my room playing on my PS4 talking to one of my friends via party. My sister was pestering me to take a shower already, but the thing is I like taking night showers, so I tend to wait until it’s dark or late. I checked my phone ’10:38′ it read. I got up and gathered my clothes and towel before entering the bathroom.

I got in the shower and proceeded as usual. Nothing was out of the ordinary. I played some music, sang and did mini dances here and there. So you know, I was enjoying myself. Almost done I started to wash the soap off, but I was cut off by something violently hitting the wall and falling behind me. I turned around and noticed my shower caddy was on the bath tub floor looking as if someone threw it. I admit I was scared, but at the time I just shrugged and went back to cleaning myself.

After a while I turned around because I had to get my back but… there was something in the shower with me looking straight at me. It was a light faded green and it seemed human. It must’ve been done type of spirit since I could see through it. I stared at it in horror and it just starred back. I couldn’t tell what it looked like because I couldn’t exactly see it’s face but I could see it’s out line. I think it was a little bit taller than me judging by its size. I didn’t know what to do so I just finished my shower, grabbed my towel and ran out the bathroom. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I’ve told some friends but to this day not even they know what it was.

  • Lina

    Woah scary as hell i believe you , i had some Experience which Made me freakout too. I was alone at home watching tv at this Time i was 12 ithink. And out of nowhere i felt a very heavy hand and i was sure it was from a man for some reason. But i actually didnt notice this untill the hand was gone. Then i realize i was alone Home. Looked behind me nothing. Looked evrey where and i was so freaked i ran out of that House as fast as i could. I never had anything happen afterwards. I hope this is the case with you tooo good luck. Xx 🙂

  • Rose Morrison

    Interesting. However the many spelling mistakes really detracted, stopped the story flowing and lost the sense of creepiness in the tale. When you have to re read and try to guess what word is intended, it spoils it. Hope it doesn’t happen to you again!