The Faceless People

This how the story goes people at a Japanese school. Started to see strange things like kids in cloaks and him the kid in purple people say he is a, trickster, player, a mind player. But if u see the kid in purple you can get bad dreams, good dream anything thing dreams of your friends dying or worse the forest. And people say that the forest is where they live. The white cloaks, gray cloaks, and the worse the dark cloaks. See they all have different powers. the white cloaks, is safe and unusual but safe. White cloaks help people. And they stay by their side but when it is time they well vanish and then they die. The gray cloaks they are mysterious. They like to help and not help. But they can detect good and bad in you. So what happens is that if you are bad the gray cloaks well not help you and kill you. If you are good they well help you but there is a catch if you want there help you, you need to give them your blood. But when you give them your blood you get a virus. The virus is designed to kill and infected within the brain or call as the dream forest. The dream forest is a place where you go in your dreams if you see the kid in purple.

Now this is where it gets creepy there was a girl that went to this Japanese school. And there was a old staircase the rumor says that if you walk up them you would feel a presence of a cold dark vibe and a voice, a deep and breathless voice and every time you look at the staircase the voice would say come on I got a surprise for you up here. And her life was not going so well and she just wanted to go away.

So she went to the staircase and when she when to the stairs. She felt a depressed and cold like someone was there. And then she heard it the deep breathless voice come up here I got a special surprise for you. And then she walked up the stairs. But she show an orphanage look around and show a bed and show kid clothes and when she was going to walk she could not and she saw in the corner of the room in the dark damped and little bit of light.

There was a little kid but when she saw the kid, she could walk again. So she walked to the child and she jumped back quickly. And the kid was not normal. The kid was faceless naked but he was floating and only had a head, a torso and no arms or legs and she looked behind her and there was an other and an other and an other. At that point she was surrounded at that point then there’s the kid in purple. She said, “Who are you people?” And the kid in purple said, “We are life and death of this world. We are the faceless people. I have to go now.” Then she shouted to him and said, “Why, why are you doing this to us?” And the kid in purple said, “These exact words because we are you.” And she wake up and a hospital bed and she did not remember anything but she show in the corner was a dark cloak and later that day she died from a coma.

  • Alice150

    Please fix the grammar. This story was confusing but has good potential.

  • Angel

    I agree with Alice150. Good Idea, just slow down and read the story out loud. I know it sounds rediculous but it works.

  • mamadubz poopinskib

    It was bad bad bad, and ‘died of a coma’ come on!