The Eraser Man

My life has always been a horrible existence. I’m twenty four years old now, and I still haven’t amounted to nothing. Not to mention that I came from a broken home. I had a father who constantly beat me for every little thing, and a mother who wouldn’t feed me if I didn’t do something she wanted. Eventually, I moved out and got a way. By that time however, it was already too late. I was broken, and suffered from crippling depression. Thanks to that, I couldn’t hold down a job or keep relationships with people. The bills started stacking and the stress just got worse.

I then turned to drugs and alcohol to manage my stress, but it only got worse from there. I resorted to taking out loans from shady business guys, and every other week had to deal with big muscle heads trying to get cash out of me. After a while, I wasn’t sure what to do anymore. But eventually, I realized that things would be better if I just didn’t exist. I wanted to just disappear from existence, but I didn’t know how. However, last week. I found the perfect solution. I stumbled upon the legend of the eraser man.

He’s a paranormal entity who feeds on those with depression, and anyone who feels like they have nothing left. All I have to do is stand in a pitch black room at night time and face north, then I have to stand there from midnight to three in the morning. And once the clock strikes three, I have to say the summoning phrase five times. But each time I have to get louder when I say it… I want to be erased. I Want to be erased. I Want To Be Erased. I WANT TO BE ERASED. I WANT TO BE ERASED!!!! And just like that, no more pain. No more sorrow, just an empty relief. It feels like you’re walking on air. No one will remember my existence, my only memory… will be one simple word. Scrawled in my ashes on my apartment walls… ERASED

  • Beezus

    Emopasta. I actually can relate to a lot of that though.