The Seeds of Wrath

She hated him. Constantly forced to endure years of verbal insults carefully selected to cripple her self esteem and the constant blows she took during a drunken stupor was enough to wish for death, and she was sick of it. He was an insufferable, narcissistic b*****d with an ever extending waist line that matched his ego. Their failure of a marriage she was so desperate to hang on to was filled with years of infidelity, abuse, and alcoholism. There was no use in trying anymore, this mockery of a marriage couldn’t continue any longer.

As she sits, typing away at her keyboard, that nitwit of a man sits yelling at the TV screen, encouraging a player to touchdown. He can watch his stupid sports shows all he wants, he won’t be watching for long. The internet is an amazing place, so many different websites for so many different things. It didn’t take long to find a website specializing in murder methods, carefully constructed to get you off Scot free. The feeling of her smug cleverness gave her the feeling of accomplishment; she had finally won.

The nice little surprise that awaited him arrived in a nice, discreet little package. She tore open the box, beaming with excitement like a child on Christmas morning; the dark red, wine shaped bottle that sat perfectly in her hands, sending waves of pleasure through her veins. Soon she would be free of her tormentor. She began cooking his daily meal, the deed, usually feeling like an unwanted chore, felt exhilarating.

“Hurry up with my dinner woman, I’m not waiting all day to eat!”
“Yes dear.” He was such a sickening site. She carefully cut a slit into his enormous steak, secretly opening the bottle and pouring it into the slaughtered meat, smearing it around with her finger. The directions accompanying the bottle clearly stated the contents must not be cooked. Concealing the slit as best as she could, she carried the plate to the table, a huge smile sprawled across her face.

“What are you so happy about?” He snached the plate away, burring the steak under a mountain of BBQ sauce. She watched with anticipation as he cut into the meat, a huge chunk sloppily chewed between his teeth. “You’re getting worse woman, I can still taste the blood.” She’d done it! She’d finally be free of this ghastly abuser, able to finally live a happy life.

Watching the life drain from his grotesque body was more exhilarating than expected. His violent coughing fit, excessive foaming at the mouth, his spastic convulsions; all leading up to the grand finale of watching his eyes roll to the back of his head, him falling from the chair, lifeless. A glass of wine was definitely needed for this occasion, she thought.

She stared at his limb body as she poured herself a glass, sipping it slowly. But, what was this taste? Blood? She sprinted to the bathroom, shoving her shaking finger down her throat, gagging with no results, eventually demonstrating the same violent symptoms her husband showed not too long ago, she felt a sudden wave of regret; thinking only 3 words before dropping dead on the cold, bathroom floor: karma’s a b***h.

  • Mr. Phase

    A nice little short story. It could’ve been better in some ways, but it was a good little read. Keep up the good work.

    • SkullNboNes

      Thanks! yeah it could use some improvement, I may rewrite it again one day.

  • Ray Ramirez

    Really good!

    • SkullNboNes


  • Mason Heimsoth

    Please make more and the part where it says “Karma a b****” was priceless

    • SkullNboNes

      Haha thanks, I liked that part too