The Dream

Last night seemed normal, I released my hair from its pin-up, letting it lay flat, I slipped into my sleepwear, and brushed my teeth. That night was completely normal, until I had that dream.

As I drifted off to sleep on a winter night, and began to see a dream, strange things happened. I was in a dark landscape. I could barely make out the undefined shapes of hills on a landscape. A feeling of numbness crept over me. Then, the landscape morphed a bit, until a shining white figure stood in front of me. It looked like an animal, a wolf or fox of some sort. It was a figure of white shining light. Something, a power bigger than me, forced me to come to my knees before it. It felt like a godly presence. It spoke with a soft, icy voice that soothed me, and scared me at the same time. It told me things it knew about me, it knew my name, where I lived, my normal day, and much deeper in. And I felt a shiver run down my spine, because it knew too much. It simply kept going until it reached the moment I was born. Then it told me it was to bestow upon me knowledge, it told me about the world, everything, and anything. Hours, days, months, years, closing in on decades passed. But oddly, I didn’t die, I didn’t get hungry, I didn’t age, it was just intent listening, endlessly. After a time it felt like torture. It became hard to listen to, because the figure got into subjects like poverty, hunger, abuse, murder, etc. I begged it to stop, but it became louder, I wanted to end my own life, to make it stop. But it told me to resist. It beckoned me to stay alive, to keep going, for secrets were to be revealed, but it also told me I could not escape if I tried. When I tried to show dominance to it. It put me in shakels, chains, millions of them, were attached to me, and on the ends, metal anchors. Some were the size of my head, some were the size of boulders. I let out a shrill scream but at this, the talking resumed. I sat for days, waiting, my hope and will was starting to waste away, but my body did not. I sat, praying for release, but none came. It just kept going. I cried out to it, pleading freedom, but the chains got bigger. I tried to block out what it was saying, but the words surrounded me. I wish I had died before this had started. I tried to get up, to face it, to fight it. I sobbed, looked into its eyes, pleading with gesture. Nothing ever worked. I asked it why. Why why why, why why why, why why WHY. It simply drowned me out. I screamed, I pounded on the ground, I hated it. But I was ignored. I stayed there for what seemed a thousand lifetimes. Until a day came, when the talking stopped. The figure had ceased for a full minute, when it started morphing. Its white form started to flake off, revealing a black undercoat. Everything just kept flaking off, until a completely black figure stood before me.Then its skin started parting, making multiple mouths and eyes that took up its face, flaps of skin then formed teeth, that grew jagged and sharp. Then its limbs split and many were created, its one tail turned into many, and it sprouted many pairs of wings, each one different and unique. And its black fur became long and stuck out everywhere. And then it, whatever it was now, spoke with voice like broken glass. When the terrifying creature spoke, it sent a jolt of fear, like fire, rushing through my body. It said that its speech was over. And it was time for its power to be unleashed. Suddenly, I was jolted into what looked like another universe, there were gray strands of faint light going every which way. It explained every universe it took me to, this went on for more decades, but it was tolerable. Then, I was jolted back to where it all started, and the voice of the creature was all around me, it was everywhere, it mouth didn’t move, and its body had grown to a huge size. It told me I had done well, but its time was done with me, it told me it had made its decision : I was NOT worthy. I was about to ask it what I wasn’t worthy of, when everything around me began to dissolve. I found I couldn’t move, I couldn’t speak, I was completely paralyzed. And before I could do anything, I was surrounded in complete darkness, completely paralyzed, with an icy cold feeling surging through me.

And that’s where the dream ends. I don’t understand it. And I’ve been having it for the past few years, and then it vanished, and now its back. I don’t understand, and I never will. Nobody can explain it, not even its creator…

  • ØSlenderWomanØ

    This was my first time making one, so please don’t bring down too much hate ~ ♥