The Dream – Chapter 3 Finale

Jay slowly begins to drift off into a dream. In the dream, he lies in the bed. Jay stands up wobbly and tries to turn on the lamp but the bulb is blown. “So, it stays the same…?” Jay shrugs. Suddenly a loud dragging is heard in the hallway. He looks at his door, startled. The unnerving sound comes to a halt right at the door. Jay hesitantly walks over to the door to see a huge axe on the ground. He slowly reaches for the handle. Whenever he picks it up, he hears sudden laughing from a child down the dark hallway. A small black figure begins to approach Jay, coming into the light. The light reveals similar features to the other creature he saw in his last dream.

The black figures eyes begin to glow a bright red. The figure shows its teeth in a giant grin that seems a bit familiar. The figure raises its arm slowly, pointing behind Jay.

Jay hesitantly turns around to see a body hanging by its neck from the ceiling, slowly swaying back and forth. He gasps and begins to examine the body a little more. He realizes it’s his wife. “Dream? Or reality?” is written on the wall in his wife’s blood.

He looks down at his hands to see that they are covered in blood. “Huh? How?! I didn’t do it!” He yells loudly. “Daddy?” The cry of Jays little boy is heard near their rooms. Jay quickly runs down the hall and to the kids room to see that his little boy is laying on the ground with the axe in his back. Jay stares at his son’s corpse, and stumbles into the wall, holding his head in his hand. He sees the sinister figure with bright red glowing eyes go into his daughter’s room. Jay sprints down to her room as quickly as he can.

He runs in to see his daughter was suffocated with a pillow. Jay holds his daughter for a short moment, he stares at her in disbelief. As Jay stares at his daughter, he realizes something, he has to stop this thing. Jay runs into the living room, with hopes of finding the creature. As Jay searches the room he sees some of the familiar red eyes near the window.

He runs to the window just to see himself in the reflection with bright red cunning eyes, and a giant smile. “It’s…me…I did it…”

Jay stands there, starring blankly into his reflection. Jay begins to back away from it and into the darkness. He stumbles back to his room, still somewhat in disbelief. He looks at his wife, and then at the blood writing on the wall that only says, “Reality…” Jay begins to realize that this is no dream…

  • Berserker

    It was good but I don’t really understand what happened