The Dream – Chapter 1

There have been old tales and rumors about this house, no one has believed them. They all said it was just some “fairy tale to scare people”. This families ignorance may cost them greatly.

After a long day of moving boxes, driving around, and listening to the kids constantly arguing and fussing, Jay Weldon is exhausted.

It was already 8:00 at night, Jay decided that the rest of the unpacking can be done tomorrow. His insomnia has kept him up for nearly five days. He lays in bed, shuffling around in the blankets to get comfortable, and slowly reaches over to turn of his lamp.

Afterwards, he lays down and closes his eyes. As soon as he closes his eyes, he falls asleep.

He slowly drifts off into a dream. In the dream, he sits up, and looks over at the lamp. He reaches over and attempts to turn it on, one single flicker of light, and the bulb has blown out.

A sudden and loud bang comes from the kitchen, it sounds as if a plate was dropped on the floor. He stands up, walks to the bedroom door slowly, and looks down the hallway. There is a light at the beginning, but the end is pitch black, leading into the kitchen.

He begins walking down the hallway. As he slowly creeps down the hallway, the light behind him mysteriously blows out. He turns around to inspect the blown out light. As he is turned around, an eerie creaking sound of the wooden floor is heard coming from the kitchen. He turns around quickly, just to see that no one is there. He stays still for a few seconds, then continues walking down the dark hallway towards the kitchen.

He enters the kitchen. Shortly after he enters the kitchen, a light flickers on. The light shines down on a plate. Not just any plate, a plate that has been passed on for generations. He approaches the plate, and kneels down in front of it. As he is looking at the pieces of the plate, he hears more creaking of the wooden floorboards behind him. He turns around slowly to see two red eyes starring back at him. The light at the end of the tunnel begins to flicker, revealing some detail about the figure. He notices that he has a big smile, showing off his sharp teeth, and cunning bright red eyes.

He gasps and shoots out of the bed. He’s awake in a cold sweat with his heart pounding, it’s morning. His wife is still asleep in the bed next to him. And the kids are still in their rooms, asleep.

  • Berserker

    When will part 2 come out

    • Toby Wilson

      Possibly tomorrow.