Simi Valley Slenderman

Post 1

Hello there. I’m Charles Davidson. I’m an ace detective, and reporter with Ventura County. Right now I’m currently investigating the disappearances of children in a small city called Simi Valley.

So far I haven’t found any suspects or leads. However that’s not going to stop me from trying to solve this case. I have parents and families breathing down my neck here and I just want to bring them all closure. Wish me luck guys. I’ll post you all back once I have any information to add to my investigation. End of post and see you all next time.


Post 2

Hi guys it’s me and I’ve finally got some information I’d like to share with you. Keep in mind that most of the information is confidential and I will not be telling you everything. However, I will be sharing some of the information I can with you.

Okay, to start things off, I was able to find a witness who told me to meet her at her at a certain address. I promised not to disclose her real name or address as to keep her safe from any harm and the public eye. I’m on my way to the witness’s house now and hopefully she’ll be OK talking to me. I’ll post you guys again later.


Post 3

Alright I’m at the address of the witness. Hopefully she’ll be here.


Hello?! Is anyone home?!

*knocks again*

Hello mam?!

*door unlocks and opens*

Sorry guys I’m going to have to turn off my audio recorder for now. This will help the witness to trust me better and since our conversation is private it’ll keep others from finding out what she tells me.


OK guys, I’m back and I’m going to tell you what information I’ve got from the witness so far. I will not disclose the witness’s real name, so for now, let’s just call her Mrs. Anne.

According to Mrs. Anne, she had reported a strange man watching her from outside her window. She told me that she had seen that man before as a child, and that he was also watching her back then as well. When I asked her about the man’s features, she told me that he was very tall, at least six or seven feet tall, with very long branching arms and tentacles coming out of his body. After describing to me about what she’d seen, I was a little convinced that she was just saying crazy things to me, but then she told me something that just creeped me out and made me feel uneasy.

She said, “He’s knows you’re here and what you’re doing.” After that she closed the door on me and I just left.

OK. So now that I’ve got my first bit of information, which wasn’t really that much, I’m just going to call it a night. Goodnight guys. I’ll post you again in the morning.


Post 4

Agh! Agh! My head.

Hey guys. I know I said, I’d post you in the morning, but I’ve been having a hard time sleeping, so I might as well post you guys now that I’m awake.

Ow my head.

OK, so with the information Mrs. Anne gave me, I’ve decided to do some research on her mysterious stalker to see, if he and the missing children are linked somehow, and lord behold, I found something. According to ancient legends originating from various tribes and religious groups everywhere, there was a creature that stole or punished children. The creature matches the description of the man who Mrs. Anne told me about.

Agh! Why does my head hurt so much?! What the f**k?! My nose is bleeding. Ugh! I feel so nauseous. What the hell is going on?! Agh!

Slenderman: You will not find the children or save them.

Detective Davidson: Who are you and what’s happening to me?!

Slenderman: Be quiet human, or I’ll make you feel a lot worse.

Detective Davidson: Agh! *he cries in pain* Please stop!

Slenderman: Very well, but under one condition you never return here or look for the missing children.

Detective Davidson: OK you win! I’ll stop!

Slenderman: Now be gone human! *voice stops*

Detective Davidson: OK guys. I don’t know what just happened to me, but I think it has something to do with this Tall Man that Mrs. Anne saw. I’m going to investigate further. I’ll post you tomorrow.


Post 5

OK so I did a little more research on the Tall Man and the symptoms I was experiencing yesterday and guess what? They’re both connected. So I was right. The missing children and this tall man are connected. I also learned that the symptoms I had were of a disease called, Slender Sickness.

So this Tall Man also called The Slender Man is what’s really causing all these kids to disappear and the symptoms I felt yesterday. Sorry but I don’t buy it. I don’t believe in the supernatural or paranormal. Whatever is really happening in this city, I’m sure is something logical and I’m going to solve the problem. I’m going back to Mrs. Anne’s house first thing tomorrow to see if she can give me any other info to go by other than a tall man stalking her.

I’ll see you all tomorrow. Goodnight and stay safe.


Post 6

I’m driving to Mrs.Anne’s house now and I can’t help but feel as if I’m being watched by some unknown force. It’s making me feel very easy and kind of sick.

My head. My f*****g head.

I feel so nauseous. What the f**k?! My nose is bleeding! I think I’d better… Holy f**k!

*Sounds of tires screeching and car skidding on road*


*Sounds of car flipping over*


*Sounds of car keep flipping over and over*

Agh! S**t!

*car stops flipping is upside down in a ditch*

Agh! I’m OK! I’m OK!! What the f**k was that thing? It looked like a man but I couldn’t tell! S**t! I’ll have to postpone visiting Mrs.Anne. Sorry guys. I guess I should call someone to help out. Maybe the cops or something. I am a cop, but I mean I should call other cops for help.

*tries to use radio, but it doesn’t work*

S**t! My radio is dead! I’ll have to contact emergency services. Maybe they can help me.

*phone dials and beeps*

*phone answers on other line*

911 Operator: Hello this is 911. What is your emergency?

I… I

911 Operator: Hello Sir?

O… Officer in need of assistance. Someone was on the road and standing in front of me. I turned away, but my police car crashed into a ditch.

911 Operator: How many people are in the car and is anyone injured.

It’s just me and I’m not sure if I’m injured. I can’t really feel my legs. I’m pinned against the steering wheel of my and I can’t move. I…

911 Operator: Sir, are you OK?

I… I can see blood all over the floor of my car. I’m feeling kind of numb and light-headed. I… I…

911 Operator: Sir you’re obviously losing a lot of blood and you’re going into shock, but you can’t fall asleep or pass out.

I… I do feel woozy and tired. I’m not sure I can keep my eyes open any longer. I… I think I’ll go to sleep now.

911 Operator: No Sir! Do not close your eyes! Don’t fall asleep!

I… I can’t help it… I just feel so tired… I can’t keep my eyes open… It’s too hard… Having a hard time…

911 Operator: Sir please stay with me. I know you’re having a hard time staying awake. But please just stay with me. An ambulance is on its way to get you. Hang in there. Just a bit longer okay?

N… no need to send help. There’s someone here next to me. Maybe he can help me.

911 Operator: Sir you’re hallucinating. I don’t think…

Hey can you help me out buddy. I’m stuck and I need some assistance. Do you think you can…


Wh… what the hell?! Agh! Agh!! S**t no!! No!! No! Agh!!!!

911 Operator: Oh my God! Officer in trouble! Send help now!!

Ahh! Agh!! No!! Let me go b*****d!! What’re you doing!! Oh s**t!! What’re those?! No! No! Get those away from me!! Agh!!!

*gun shots being fired*

*Sounds of blood curling scream over phone*


911 Operator: Oh my God! Sir what’s going on?!

*Sounds of footsteps on grass and static*

911 Operator: Sir are you alright?! I heard gunshots.

*Sounds of mutilation*

911 Operator: Sir?! Sir?! Answer me!

*Sounds of static*

Slenderman: You can’t help him now.

911 Operator: What the f**k?! Who are you?!

Slenderman: I am your worst nightmare and I will make you suffer!

911 Operator: What have you done to the car accident victim?!

Slenderman: The same thing I’m going to do to you. Then your children will belong to me.

911 Operator: How’d you…

Slenderman: I know where you live, and I’ll find you.

911 Operator: What how?!

Slenderman: You have such lovely twin daughters. Melissa and Marissa is it?

911: How do you know my daughters’ names?!

Slenderman: Goodbye.

*Sounds phone hanging up and long busy phone signal beeping*

  • Zach Dunderson

    Well that was creepy 😊! Good job!

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      !THANK YOU! 😈

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  • Brandon Barrett

    I give it 1/10 wasn’t even creepy

    • Mr.ScaryPasta

      It starts off normal but gets creepy towards the end

      • Brandon Barrett

        Nah didn’t get creepy just maintained the same level of mediocrity it had in the beginning

  • Alexander Manev

    Well, im not a professional creepypasta guy, cuz I only read like 10 creepypastas so I can’t give you any advices but I can tell you that: Really good story, you did really well, Thank you for that story and wish you to make even more scarier and better stories!

    • Mr.ScaryPasta

      Thanks. I appreciate it. I have a sequel for this story coming up.

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      Oh and I have other stories coming too.

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        Can’t wait to see them

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    *Reads story.*

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      What’s wrong?

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        Nothing, I just found the part where the detective keeps going “agh” amusing.