The Demon that Haunts My School

Me and my group of friends were at school one day and I brought the Ouija board. So I put the Ouija board in my binder and brought it to lunch.

“Are any spirits able to talk with us right now?” me and my friend amber say. My other friend, Taylor just watched. The planchette moved to yes. The week before this we met a friendly spirit named “Teddy”. He was really the only spirit we tried to talk to but this spirit was different.

“Are you Teddy?” I ask. No. So then I ask if it was a spirit we have spoken to this spirit before. No.

“What is your name?” I ask. H-e-l-l-g-a.

“Are you friendly?” Amber asks. No. My friend Taylor glares at us.

“Do you want to kill us?” I asked. Yes.

“Dude! Dont ask that!” Taylor yells. At this point I think to myself, too late. The planchette tries to go off the board.

If you don’t know what this means it means the spirit is trying to get set free. It stopped answering our questions and just kept trying to escape.

“Are you trying to set your spirit free?” Amber asks. Yes.

” if you escape will you try and kill us?” I ask. The planchette stops between yes and no on Ouija, which means ‘maybe’ if you don’t know. Taylor glares at me for asking that question. We get dismissed out to lunch recess and we find a bench to sit at and play. We start up the game again.

“If you are real can you push me?” Amber says. Amber falls forward.

“Can you scratch us?” I ask. Nothing. Eventually we figure out the spirit was BOUND to OUR school. We keep playing until we get called to come back into class. My friend feels something on the back of her neck.

“Breanna can you check if anything on my neck? I swear to god I felt something.” Amber¬†asks me. I look.

“Dude Amber, your neck is red,” I say.

“No it’s not,” Amber says in disbelief.

“Is my neck red?” I ask her. My neck was red. When we switched classes to our last class of the day I look in the window to see if my neck was red. It was VERY red. At the very end of the day we checked again. Everything was fine and we went home.

This story is true. If you don’t believe me use a Ouija board and ask to connect with a demon that goes by the name ‘Hellga’ ask if she knows 3 kids by the names of ‘Amber, Taylor, and Breanna’. She will say yes. If you don’t have a Ouija board make one. Take paper and draw the Ouija board make sure you draw a sun, moon, and goodbye. Don’t forget letters and numbers. For the planchette use the top of a water bottle, or anything see through like that.

  • Daniel Di Benedetto

    Thanks for the how-to at the end. As for the story, it’s just pretty bland. And if the demon is bound to your school, how am I supposed to contact it…