The Demon in Our Heads

Everybody has their own demons, or demon. Demons, not as in problems, or stupid hormones and emotions. Not the voices you may here in your head. Not scary thoughts you think at night. But literal spirits from hell, and they don’t want you to know.

You most likely don’t believe you really have demons because nothing scary really happens to you, you feel perfectly fine, you might not be happy in life, but you’re pretty damn sure your not possessed or anything. That’s what they want you to believe, because they don’t want you to know.

They don’t want you to think everything is scary and dangerous. They don’t want you to think you’re being watched or followed. And they definitely don’t want you to hear them when they speak. They don’t even want you to believe in them or want you to know. But when you do know, They can take you to hell with them so you can take their place and repeat the process.

As you know, there are people in this world that talk to spirits, they could be evil themselves, or demons just… favor them… those people persuade others and so on and so on, the others start to believe, and so will you.

Once you believe they are real, and you start to realize the reality of this world, the demons finally let you think. They have always been in charged of how you think and they have always had a say on your opinions but since you are noticing them, there’s a chance you might go against them and that means they can’t control you when they must. So they let you think all on your own, but be aware they still control what and how you see things. You start to think everything is scary and dangerous. You look at the woods during the night and get frightened because you do not know what lies within the trees. You are just looking at trees, but since the demons are no longer protecting the negative, scary thoughts from roaming in your head, it’s making you think there is something out there… a creature… a essence… something. This is firstly their warning and normally, one would be scared and avoid the darkness. They would try not to figure out and investigate what lies within the darkness but some continue with their curiosity.

After believing, if you’re not frightened by what you see and you want to know more about what lies in the darkness, the demons might test you more. They see your not stopping, and that you’re getting close to really noticing them, and they will not be able to control you so they start to follow you. Their force moves things around them, so when they follow you in your home, things might be arranged differently. But the demons are aware of this and they do this purposely, hoping you will become scared and not want to know more. They will watch you from your bedroom window, they’ll stand at your doorway and watch you and they won’t go away when you wake up to the feeling of their dark empty eye sockets looking towards you. Most get very scared here and get a preacher or priest to ridden the demon, the demons put on an obvious fight to make it seem realistic but they still watch from a far, they do whatever they need to do to make sure they are always in control. Though, for some people, this does nothing, so the demons do what cannot be undone. They let you hear them.

Once this happens, there’s nothing you can do. Even if you decide to give up here, it can not be undone. Once you hear the wretched sound of one of their voices, there’s no turning back. You will definitely become one of them. You will follow their plan as they planned from the very beginning. This is their only way of controlling you for good.

If you know a demon might let you hear the voice, you can’t stop it or hide from it. No matter how loud your beats can get, or the tv, or if you’re in pure sunlight. You will hear it like it’s coming from inside your head. Only because it is. These demons are in there now just like they always were. You’re just the one who decided to wake them up and anger them.

You believed that they were real and found out more about them by continuing to read this, and now you’ve gotten to the point were you know the difference between your thoughts and the demons speaking. And that’s not good. And the fact that you didn’t stop reading this yet shows me you are STILL not frightened enough. Its okay though. I didn’t listen either. That’s how I know what I know. And now you know, which means the demon inside you knows you know… so now that I know you know… I can take you to hell with me so you can repeat this process to another curious soul, bring them to hell, and tell them to repeat the process.

  • Korra Thunderstrom

    Can I bring my phone and laptop… Wait is there WIFI there?!

    • Mikayla

      Lol hell no.