The Daughter V. The Tracer Ch. 2

Warning: This series contains multiple Creepypastas. If you believe this will anger you from the author using Creepypastas that they do not own, or the author using the characters in their own vision, you should consider not reading this. Also this series has the origin stories “The Daughter” and “The Tracer”, and it is highly advised that you read those first, if haven’t doing so already. Thank you, and enjoy.

“You’re like a star on a midnight sky and like a wind that I cannot tie.”
-Joh Pauig

Roses… friendships… bonds… restraints… broken glass… and close calls. Remember these words… and cherish them close to your heart… like she should have. Wear them around your neck… and let them take you through a whole new world. Then… wake up.

“AAHHH!” “Jane! Calm down!” Sweat ran down Jane’s cheeks as she turned to her left… seeing nothing from her blurry eyes. With her eyes blurred, she could still see the outline of a figure… and hear a voice which she knew far too well. “Toby? Is… that you?” She could feel a single hand touch her shoulder… calming her. “Yeah… I-it’s… me.”

Her vision began to clear… removing the blur from her vision. Toby’s beautiful… soothing… reassuring face entered her line of sight as he stood over her. In the corner of her eye, Jane could see another familiar face in the corner of the wooden, cabin-like room.

The figure leaned against one of the walls, wearing a tan jacket… along with a white mask covering his face. “M-Masky?” Jane’s vision cleared completely, making out the figure entirely. There was no questioning it… it was Masky. Masky nodded, smiling under his white mask. “Hey, Ellie.”

Jane never understood why Tim nicknamed Jane, Ellie. It was such an odd name. She never knew what exactly it meant… but she heard that it was translated to “God”, “shining light”, and “beautiful woman”. Now that Jane thought about it… Tim probably wouldn’t name her after that last one.

Jane felt onto her head, feeling a dizziness in her brain… making her feel nauseous. “What happened?” Toby sighed… hesitant on speaking the truth. Jane could see the regret in his eyes. “Ugh…” “Toby? What’s wrong?” He couldn’t fathom the words. “Toby?” “That crazy guy shot through your f*****g torso, Ellie.” Tim blurted out… without hesitation.

Jane quickly turned to her torso… gasping at the sight. Her stomach stood wrapped in a bandage… scarlet from the pouring of her insides. “Oh my God… I remember now.” It all came flooding back to her. Max… the argument… everything was just coming back to her. Toby grabbed Jane’s shoulders, looking her straight in the eye. He held concern in his eyes. A concern… which she had never seen from him.

“Jane… who was that guy? You obviously k-know something… I know you know… so s-spill it.” A sudden chill overtook her body. “Jane…” She wasn’t responding… instead, she stared into space… ignoring everything. “Jane… Jane! Come on, snap out of it!”

Jane turned back to Toby, seriousness in her eyes. “Where the hell are my meds?!” Tim and Toby stared at Jane oddly. “Meds?” “My meds! I need them!” Toby growled. “Jane, we don’t know w-what you’re talking, hmp, about.” The room grew silent once again. Jane’s hazel eyes stared upwards toward Tim and Toby… as she stood up… walking toward the cabinet on the other side of the room. “Of course you don’t know.”

She reached into the cabinet… grabbing two yellow bottles of pills. Jane sighed… turned away from Tim and Toby. This wasn’t her fault… it was the way she was born. She grabbed onto her stomach… which was wrapped in bandages underneath her tank top. “Jane?” They stared at Jane as she stood in front of the cabinet… not even showing her face.

She held onto her bottles… staring at them intensely as a single hidden tear fell down her cheek. “Masky… I need to talk to Toby… alone, please.”

It was sudden. Toby’s heart began to race just from her voice. Tim sighed… nodding. “Sure thing, Ellie…” The fading sound of Tim’s footsteps filled their hearing as Jane turned around to her partner. “What… happened to me out there?”

“You tell me.” “Toby… I swear to God… if you don’t tell me… I’m going to strangle you to death.” Strangle? For the past two years that they have known each other… Never has anyone seen this form of herself. Toby turned to her… with a little bit of fear in his eyes… for the first time in a while. “While I was on the other s-side of the, grr, bar… I could hear you yelling. I ran… and ran… hoping you were okay. S-suddenly I heard a gunshot. I got there… only to see that… you were lying there… d-dead for all I knew. In the corner of my eye… I s-saw some guy run away… yet your safety was my first concern.”

Jane sighed… turning back to Toby as she set the bottles on her nightstand. She gently lowered her body, lying on her bed. She tossed over… turning away from him… making Toby even more concerned. “You’re my partner, Toby. I… I think I should tell you who that guy was… the target.” “The t-target?”

It wasn’t all that surprising. What was really surprising was how she was injured… to let her guard down. Jane letting her guard down was like seeing a cactus in the Tundra. “Yeah… the target. The target was Max.”

The very mention of the name made Toby shiver. “Max? Like… your old… b-best friend?” “He wasn’t my best friend…” She didn’t even want to say it… but the truth escaped her. “He was the greatest of friends…” Toby could feel his eyes twitch… he was on the verge of crying. “Jane I-” “Just leave… I need to rest.”

Her words were stern. The room grew quiet. Toby grabbed onto his other arm and sighed. “I’m sorry… for d-dis-turbing you…” He had been numb all of his life. To never feel pain… was a dream for most. He sighed… closing the door behind him. He had never felt pain in his life. After that day… he felt a different kind of pain… a pain which wasn’t physical.

It was the pain of a broken heart. A pain that left him in tears as soon as he left the room.

“There is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love.”
-Bryant H. McGil


Jane gulped another dose of pills from the yellow bottles. At this point, she was going to be more sick than she was before. “Wow… all of these side effects… if they kick in… I might as well be as mentally ill as Britney Spears…” Jane chuckled at her own joke as she screwed the lid back on the bottle. “Oops… I did it again. Ah… that joke will never get old.”

With a Britney Spears song in her head, Jane stood up and stretched her legs. It still sort of amazed her how Max could shoot her… yet she would be fine. Jane was shot in the torso… yet the bullet missed all of her major organs? How does that even make sense?

Jane sighed, standing. “I should probably go and get something to eat. Maybe… Sally will try to be silly and feed me grapes.” Her feet hit the ground, walking toward the door. As she grabbed onto the door knob, her heart skipped a beat. “Are you going to tell us or what?”

Jane stopped in her tracks… listening to the conversation beyond the door. “What do you want me to say, Tim?” “Whatever the hell is wrong with Ellie! Those medications and her weird behavior!” “I am not telling you anything. Jane said that she didn’t want any of you knowing… and that is final.”

It sounded like a conversation between Masky and Slenderman. Suddenly, another voice echoed into the conversation, making Jane pause in her tracks.

“Sir… I th-think it’s time we get an ex-plantation. Jane is acting weird… and w-we want to know why. Please…” Jane stared at the door, realizing where the voice emitted from. “Toby…” Slenderman sighed as he paced around the room. “Fine… I’ll tell you. None of you are going to tell Jane that I told you though.”

Jane sighed… knowing what storm was brewing. “Jane… has PTSD… and is Bipolar.” A soft breath escaped Jane’s lips. A weight lifted away from her shoulders… yet another was added. “Really?” “Yes. She takes those medications to sleep better… and help her mood swings. I believe right now… she is going through a depression state.”

Toby nodded. “That was why she bursted out a-at us…” “Yes. She was born bipolar… and gained PTSD after killing her father. She… feels remorse for killing him, due to the fact that one of the reasons why she killed him… was because her bipolar disorder kicked in… and at the worst of times.”

Masky sighed. “So… how is she doing?” “She’s doing fine. I think she’s getting better. All of this will just blow over… like everything else.”

Jane held onto her breath as she let go of the knob. Her brain wandered as she grabbed onto her head. Voices swarmed her ears, making her fall to her knees.

“You’re nothing.” “You’re a waste of space.” “You’ve let him down.” “He protected you… but you never protected him.” “You deserved every vicious word.” “You deserve to die.”

“None of them loved you… none of them.” Jane turned around slowly… recognizing the voice instantly. Her heart stopped in its place. Her soul came falling down stairs as a single word escaped her lips… “Father…” The long, silver hair was obvious… the sharp teeth… the familiar eyes. All of it resembled… “Hello… Jane.” It all resembled… David Flynn.

“Father?” “Yeah, it’s me. Don’t get excited.” Jane backed against the door… shaking. “W-what are you doing here?” David chuckled… staring her down. “Giving you his message.”

David crouched down… staring her in the eye. “No one loves you… not even the one you hold closest to your heart.” “Wait how do you-” “He comes, Jane…” Jane’s heart stopped as David’s breath ran down her neck. “Who… who comes?” A chilling chuckle chimed from David’s lips. “You really want to know? I’m sure your little… ‘friend’ would know.”

David stood up, making Jane shake. “Max?” “Yes… the commoner boy. The one… who reminds me too much of myself.” David sighed… holding onto his breath. “Find him… find him, my daughter. Find him… and stop the ‘end times’… With the one who feeds on the power of others. Find… The Ammit.”

The figure of David began to evaporate into pure vapor… disappearing from sight. Jane held onto her chest… gasping for air. Her lungs felt like they were about to collapse, or turn into nothingness.

The very words floated inside her head. “The Ammit? Why does that name sound so familiar?” She grabbed onto her head… staring up. “Ammit…” Jane quickly ran to her drawer, rummaging through the papers inside.

“Ammit… come on!” She continued to rummage through her black drawer, throwing nearly everything out. Paper, pens, and knives flew across the room until… a single piece of sketch paper laid inside of the black drawer.

Jane grabbed onto the single piece of paper… holding it in her hands as she stared at its markings. “My best friend?” The picture stared her in the eye… making her shake. “Oh my God… it can’t be.” Jane quickly shut the curtains, making all of the light vanish from the room. She locked the door, making sure no one could hear her on the other side.

“Umm… my journal!” Jane rummaged through the books and scraps of paper scattered onto the floor. The papers flew into the air, until Jane noticed a brown journal on the wooden floor. On the cover… in tiny words, it spelled, “My Thoughts & Feelings – Age 4”. Jane quickly grabbed the journal, setting it onto her desk, flipping on her desk-lamp.

She slowly opened to the first page… almost afraid of what was to come. “Alright… here we go…” Jane began to read the first page… a page of which she was afraid of.

“Dear diary,

I am still having trouble sleeping. I asked mother if she knew anything about it. She told me that it was a sign of some sort… yet I don’t know if that’s true. She said it happened to her as well around my age. Until I sleep right… Mother decided she would sleep with me until I start sleeping better. Father says that it’s for the best as well.”

Nothing seemed all that odd about the entry. Looking back on it… it all just sort of made sense. Jane would always stay awake because of her bad dreams caused by her bipolar disorder… yet she just didn’t understand it back then. Her writing, spelling, and grammar were all perfect for a little kid… perhaps because her mother taught her from an early age. What was most disturbing… was how she wrote about her father. It almost seemed like… well… Jane really didn’t want to think about it.

Jane continued to read on. For the most part, all of the entries seemed normal. Some were about parents, carnivals, and… ice cream flavors? She continued to read… until she found what she came for.

“Dear diary,

You won’t believe what just happened to me. So, last night I had this weird dream where I was in… some sort of prison? It all felt… super weird. Everyone around me had no hair, were dirty, and they all wore like these… striped pajamas? I was a little girl, and I was just like the people with the striped pajamas. The guards were super mean… especially to me. Later in the dream, the guards sent us into this large room which they called, “a shower”. To be honest… I don’t think it was a shower. Everyone began to cough and wheeze… including me. Guess what… something amazing happened, though.”

Jane quickly turned the page, desperate and eager to find out what her old writing held.

“I woke up to an amazing sight. A man stood over my bed. This wasn’t any man, though. He had grayish skin, black eyes, and a messed up right side of his face. He wore a black trench coat, army boots, and black pants. He didn’t wear a shirt for some reason. He told me that his name was Igno. He spoke in a fascinating accent. He said that he was going to protect me from any danger from now on, no matter what. I didn’t know why he was going to protect me… but I just rolled with it.”

Jane held onto her stomach, almost uneasy. “The bullet…” The bullet had missed all of her major organs. To many people… that would make no sense… until you consider the theory that… maybe it wasn’t coincidence.

“I told Mother and Father about Igno, but Father just simply ignored me and said I should stay away from imaginary friends. Mother smiled at me and told me to wish Igno a good morning, so I did. After that day, Mother didn’t need to sleep with me anymore. Igno slept beside me every night to make sure my dreams were nice. Ever since Igno came around, I had dreams of me riding pretty wolves into a cold, winter forest. Igno is nice. I always tell him that his voice is a little raspy and he needs a glass of water. Igno is my best friend!”

The reading continued. Entries consisted of things like going on play dates with Igno. As the reading continued… Jane grew a little more disturbed as she read forward.

“I asked Igno what his favorite food was. He said he didn’t want to talk about it. I continued to ask him further… until he finally told me. He said he only ate people. I asked him why. He began to tell me a long story which I don’t even remember most of the story. All I remember was that he did it for a couple of reasons. One of the reasons was because of “what the world turned him into”. The other reason was because of “My sister”. I didn’t want to bring him down anymore. I never did see his sister.. So I just assumed that she was deceased. I didn’t want do bring up horrible memories for him.”

There were almost no more pages left. Almost all of them were already read or skimmed through. Jane finally reached the last page… a little scared of what was to comes.

“Today is the worst day ever. Igno said that he was leaving. I asked him why he had to leave. He said to me that it was because of me changing and not accepting him as I grow older. I grew furious. I would always accept Igno no matter what. Igno leaves tomorrow… so this is the last night I have good dreams. I just wish that he could’ve stayed longer. “

And just like that… the journal was over. There were no more pages to explore or read. Jane sighed… trying to take it all in. She quickly grabbed her sketchbook, then turning to her old drawing from years ago. Recalling some of the things which her younger self said in the journal… she began to draw an image of what “Igno” would look like as a better illustration.

As soon as she finished the drawing, she folded it, stuffing it inside of her pocket. She began to remember what “David” had told her. A force was coming which was larger than life itself. There was one person who knew about it. David had said that Max knew about whatever was heading this way. If Max knew about this mysterious force.. Than he might have known about Igno as well.

Jane paced around her room… wondering what to do in this situation. Was she to speak to Slender about the situation? Was she to tell Tim or Toby? The answer to those questions… was no.

“You leave home to seek your fortune and, when you find it, you go home and share it with your family.”
-Anita Baker


“Jane… come on Jane, get up.” The sound of a little girl’s voice filled Jane’s ears. “Jane… don’t,make me jump on the bed!” “Sally… five more minutes.” The heat was almost unbearable under the covers. The heat made Jane sweat… yet she was far too tired to do anything about it. The little girl sighed, smiling as she turned away. “Well… I could always get M-”

Before she could finish her sentence, Jane quickly unwrapped the covers off of herself. Sally smiled when she saw Jane stretching, get out of bed. “That’s what I thought.” Jane rolled her eyes. “Shut up. Alright… what would it take for you to be quiet about that?” Sally shrugged, smiling up at Jane. “A free piggyback ride.” “Deal… now hop on.”

Sally hopped onto Jane’s back, smiling as she held onto her shoulders. “Onward!” Jane pranced around the room with Sally on her back. “Faster, Sis!” “I’m not a horse, you know!”

Sally was like Jane’s little sister. They were close… since they both came from awful families. It was sort of weird considering a ghost as your sister… but that was how it was. Jane never had any siblings… so having Sally was like a breath of fresh air.

“Mega-drop!” Jane fell onto the bed behind her, making Sally fall off of her. As they both landed on the bed, they began to laugh as if they were having the best time of their life. Sally turned to Jane, smiling slightly. “I won’t tell anyone about your little secret.” “Thanks… you better not.” Sally chuckled, growing close to her. “That isn’t the only other secret you have though…”

Sally formed a heart out of her hands, smiling at Jane, making her blush. “Jane and Toby sitting in a tree. K-I-” “Shut up, it isn’t like that.” Sally rolled her eyes, chuckling at the same time. “Yeah… sure it isn’t.”

Jane rolled out of bed, sighing as she stretched. “Hey Sally… I’m going to be leaving soon.” “But… shouldn’t you be resting?” Jane shook her head. “I have something I need to do. I feel like I can trust you… just… please don’t tell Father.”

Sally sighed… holding onto her little plushie. “Fine… I trust you. I won’t tell Father… but if I even think that you’re going to get hurt… I’m sending someone to get you.” Jane stared into Sally’s eyes… knowing that she was serious. “Yeah… I understand. That’s reasonable…”

Sally nodded. “Just… stay safe.” Jane nodded… smiling. “Trust me… I will.”

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson


The darkness set over her as she walked the streets of the sinful city once again. Jane’s boots clicked and clacked up the dirty streets. It felt weird leaving home without anyone with her. She had grown so dependent by the others… That she forgot what it was like to be alone.

She remembered what Sally had told her before she had left. ‘If I even think that you’re in danger… I’m sending someone after you.’ She had remembered these words well.

Out of all the places to look for Max… there was only one she could think of.

She stared up toward the Half-Full Shot Bar once again. The aura of the bar didn’t change since the last time she was there. All of this seemed like a bad idea… but she stayed with her plan. Turning to her right… she began to walk down the same alleyway from before.

The same graffiti rested upon the brick and stone walls… just like last time. The doors were still there… just like last time. The awful smell of cigarettes and smoke filled the air… just like last time.

As she made it to the turn… she was hesitant on turning the corner. Yet like last time… if Max was around the corner… he probably would have already spotted her. Jane took a deep breath… before leaning her back against the wall. “Max… are you there?”

The silence filled the air… until the sound of a breath escaping someone’s soft lips could be heard. “Yeah, Jane… I’m here.” A weight lifted off of Jane’s shoulders as she tried to hold back her tears. “May I… come around… without you… shooting me?” A chuckle could be heard from Max. “Yeah… I promise… sweetheart.”

Besides the uncomfortable nickname bestowed upon her… Jane slowly walked around the corner.

As she turned the corner… she could see Max leaning against the wall behind him. With a cigarette in hand… he turned to Jane… almost as if… he was depressed. “So… you survived. I’m glad you did… since… I don’t want to be the person who buries you.”

“Max… we need to talk.”

Max sighed… stepping away from the wall and walking over to Jane. “Yeah… we do. Let me guess… you want to fight me? Tell me to leave and never come back? Maybe… kill me? So tell me, Jane… what is it that you want to talk about?”

Jane looked down… almost embarrassed by her actions and motives. “Jane… don’t be shy. Come on… tell me.”

Her face began to turn red. Her palms grew sweaty and shaky. Her legs began to shake as she mumbled the simply sentence of… “I’m yours…”

Beat… beat… beat. Thump… thump… thump. His heart began to race.

“What… did you just say?” Jane began to lift her head… her face as red as can be. “I said I’m… all yours.” Opening her eyes… she could see Max holding onto her chin… with a smile which you could never describe. His shadow blocked her. His eyes… almost seemed to glow red in the night as he muttered…

“Oh Jane…” He licked his lips… smiling as he bit his tongue. “On your knees…” Jane began to shake by his words. “What?” Max’s smile grew wider as he caressed her cheek. “On your knees… Princess.”

Jane shakily lowered herself… standing on her knees… staring upward toward Max. He sighed… reaching into his pocket. “Now… just enjoy the ride.” All that Jane saw next was darkness… feeling the feeling of rope wrap around her wrists.

“Because we’re going to have so much fun… you and I…”


Sally stared at the clock, tired and worried. “She isn’t back yet…” “Who isn’t back yet?” Startled, Sally jumped backwards. Turning, she saw Toby with a worried look on his face. “Toby?” “Sally… answer my question. W-Who isn’t back yet?” Sally sighed… holding onto her plushie. “Toby… there is something I need to tell you about Jane.”


Drip… drop… bloop. The sound of dripping water filled her ears. She couldn’t move her hands… legs… and barely her torso. As she slowly opened her eyes… a faint light hovered over her body. Looking down… she could see she was tied in a chair. Looking around… she could barely see anything ten feet in front of her.

She moved her head… yet she couldn’t see in any direction. “M-Max?” Nothing could be heard. “Max?”

A noise emitted from in front of her. Tap… tap… and it kept getting louder. “Ah… you’re awake.” Looking up… Jane could see Max walking toward her. For some reason… he wasn’t wearing his normal trench coat… just a navy blue t-shirt.

Max smiled as he slowly walked around Jane’s chair. “How was your sleep?” “It was… f-fine.” Max stood in front of Jane… staring down at her… as if he was her king. “Let me get straight to the point. By saying you were mine… you signed a contract saying that I could do whatever I want with you… and to you… whenever I say so.”

Max smiled as he walked up to Jane… sitting on her lap, wrapping his legs around the side of the chair, his head facing hers as their legs touched one another’s. She shook beneath him… terrified of what he had become.

He lifted his hands… putting both of them on Jane’s cheeks. He licked his lips… smiling like a psychopath. “Now… it’s just the two of us.” Jane trembled as she mumbled her next sentence. “What are you… going to do with me?”

Max smiled… before laughing. “What am I going to do to you?” He smiled… leaning into Jane… touching noses with her. With a crooked smile he licked her nose.

“Everything you could possibly imagine…”
The Daughter V. The Tracer will continue…

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