The Daughter of Zalgo – Me

I hate the comfort of my father, “QUIT IT! DAD can’t YOU TELL I don’t LIKE THIS?” I screamed at him. He was patting my head as I was eating. Stripes, on the other hand, was laughing. Terrible sister.

“Hehe, hey Stripes! Come here look at this!” I said.

“Fiiiiiiiiiine,” she walks over. I quick punch her in the stomach.

“Eat organs b***h!” I said. Zalgo pulled me out my chair to let go of Stripes. I managed to escape his arms and turn around. Zalgo was looking a bit upset.

“Dad?” I said turning around. Stripes was laughing? “Stripey?” I said. She ran towards me. She managed to break one of my horns I screamed loudly in pain. She kicked me in my back. Blood poured out my mouth. I was crying and lying on the ground.

“B***h…” I said before Zalgo picked me up and carried me to my room.

“Very well trained my heartless demon,” he said patting me on the head.

“M-My horn hurts and my chest is bleeding. I Feel sick… Dad… I really didn’t mean what I said earlier,” I said. He nodded and walked out the room then I heard a scream. My head hurt more than my arm. I screamed as well. My came rushing in the room with Stripes. Her arm was blistered.

“Out the House! NOW,” Zalgo said. I jumped out the window and they jumped out with me. The house burnt down. And we had nowhere else to go.

  • Adam Warlock


    • Ocean

      Exactly what in my mind


  • IronMosquito

    My favourite part was where the story made no sense.