The Dark Guardian

A Creepypasta story: Spark
Written by Andrew Walker

A teen girl was walking around a yard sale when a man walked up to her.

“Hello miss… Do you see something that you like?” the man said. The girl looked around and saw a game console.

“Yeah. How much for that game console?” she said as the man looked at the console.

“I have never seen this console before… must be my son’s,” he said. The girl looked at the top of the console it had the name ‘Adam’ scratched into it. The man looked it over, “Ahh, I’ll give it to you for sixty bucks,” he said as he handed the console to her.

She gave him the sixty bucks then asked, “Is your son’s name Adam?”

The man turned and looked at his house. “No… but that was the name of the guy who use to live here,” he said.

The girl left and went home. She walked into her room and throw the console on her bed and walked into another room. She was making herself some food when she heard a noise from her room. She walked towards her room. When she got in her room, her TV and the console were plugged up and were playing a game called Destiny. She went to turn off the console when it shocked her.

“Oww,” she said as she back up holding her hand. The console started to spark and bolts of electricity shot everywhere. She tried backing up farther away but something was pulling her closer. She started her evil laughter. She turned to run, but fell and was dragged half way through the TV. She grabbed the base.

“Help me!” she screamed as she disappeared. The screen went black and had blood-red words that read:

“The ghost was taken.”

The next morning the girls room-mate opened her door only to find the girl on the floor not breathing. The autopsy report says that she was shocked to death. They never found the cause.

A Creepypasta story: The Taken Guardian
Written by Andrew Walker

A teen girl was sitting in her new apartment looking at the game console she found in her closet. She then plugged it in to see if it worked and to her surprise it turned on. The console immediately started to play a game called Destiny, so she humored it.

The room was dark. The only light was from the TV screen. As she was playing, a new story mission opened up, it was called The Fall of a Guardian. She started the mission and it started that second.

“Cool. That was quick,” she said. She walked around the level and did what it told her to do. She ran around a collected dark shards then the mission updated. Now she had to find a lost ghost. When she found the location, the mission told her to go there was a damaged yellow ghost floating around. She walked up to the ghost.

“Where am I…? How did I get here…? Who are you?” said the ghost while sparks flew from the top. She took the ghost and continued the mission. She was following the waypoint when she got to this room in the level. There was a console on the left of the room.

“Let’s see if that works,” her ghost said. She went over to the console released her ghost to investigate, a message popped up, it ask for her name.

“…alright,” she said. She typed her gamertag but another message popped up saying, ‘Real name.’

The girl looked at the screen and shrugged, “Ok, want my name? Z… o… e… y,” Zoey said while she typed. As soon as she was done the screen the screen started glitching out. Zoey was confused and moved closer to the screen.

“What the hel…” she said as an arm came out of the screen and grabbed her by her throat.

“You will be my guardian,” a deep voice said as the arm started to pull her in. she screamed as the arm pulled her fully in. The screen went black then in blood red the screen read:

“Zoey was taken from the light.”

Three day later the apartment owner came to check on her and the place was empty. The police were called they still haven’t found any clues to what happen. The only thing in the apartment that was not broken was this game console that had the name ‘Adam’ scratched on the top.

A Creepypasta story: Tortured
Written by Andrew Walker

An Exo hunter sits with her arms tied around a stone column, dark crystals protruding from her arms and legs, oil staining her blue cloak, her face against the oil soaked rock.

“Hey spark, you still with me?” the hunter asked weakly. The hunter looked past the stone column. “Spark!” she yelled. There lie a ghost sitting on a stone table.

“Y-ye-yes… I am st-still he-here, Zoey,” said a glitching out female voice with a few spark flying everywhere. Zoey laid her face back against the hard stone.

“Good… I thought I lose you, old friend,” Zoey said.

The ghost shifted, “I-I’ll never le-le-leave you,” Spark said.

Zoey close her eyes, “Aww that’s swe… wait… what’s that?” Zoey said as she heard footsteps and loud grunting. “Oh no… here he comes,” she said as a hive knight and a wizard walked up to both of them.

“How much longer?” the hive knight said. The wizard floated up to Zoey and started moving the dark crystal that was in her shoulder. Zoey grunted with pain. The wizard looked back at the knight.

“She is almost ready… all we need is the ghost to have the holy darkness,” the wizard said. The knight walked up to the ghost and picked her up as three more wizards floated in. The knight moved towards a stone altar and place the ghost on it. The wizard surrounded the ghost and started to do a spell. The ghost started screaming as the blue light started turning into a deep red, then the knight stabbed Zoey with his sword and her body went limp. The wizards backed away from the now corrupted ghost, the knight walked up to the ghost.

“Aren’t you going to help your friend?” he said. The ghost floated over to zoey.

“Zo-zoey?… no!” she cried as she tried to resurrect her. Absolute Dark energy surged through the underground, shaking the ground.

“Co-come back to me!” Spark screamed.

A Creepypasta story: The Dark Guardian
Written by Andrew Walker

A fire team of three guardians were on a mission to kill the hive wizards, but when they got to the area where they were last seen… it was empty. As the fire team continued, they found a lone female guardian standing in the middle of the room… all around the hunter was bodies turning to ash. The hunter turned and started walking towards them, and as the hunter got closer, they could see her gamertag… It read ‘dark whisper 28’ then as she got even closer, and they saw a broken yellow ghost in her hand. Finally, she walked past them and as she did, the three guardians died and there screens went black. A message popped up saying,

“Your ghost have been taken.”

  • HEX

    Story’s a wee bit repetitive but keep it up. I look forward to reading your next one.