The Cottage

It was a late night. I was on my way to the rental cottage that my family had rented out for years. No one has been there in a few years. As I pulled into the gravel driveway I noticed something strange. The usual glow from the house had gone dull. The paint seemingly worn. I shrugged it off as dilapidation.

As I leave my car and walk toward the cottage suddenly the energy changed and the hair on the back of my neck stood on end. I step onto the porch and remembered that I had left the key to the door in the center console of my car. I walk back to the car and the somewhat ominous feeling dissipates. I grab the keys and start back for the house this time noticing the eerie feeling of being watched.

I unlock the door and turn the knob slowly as the door is so old it could fall off the hinges at any moment. I shut the door behind myself gently making sure to lock it.

I walk around the corner to what I remembered from years past as the living room. There is an old woman sitting in the corner staring out the window toward the trees. I was surprised by her presence because none of the housekeepers were supposed to show up until tomorrow.

“You aren’t supposed to be here until tomorrow morning,” I gently shouted.

I got no response from the woman. A few seconds go by and the ominous and eerie feelings I had earlier seem to be building up.

The old woman stood up and the floorboards beneath her feet began to squeak. She turned and was now facing me. Walking slowly in my direction, blood flowing down every wrinkle in her face. I tried to run but almost as soon as I tried my body began to feel heavy.

Suddenly the old woman stopped. The sharp and shrill noise as her fingers snapped hurt my ears but signaled something much greater. I heard the floor behind me open up like a trapdoor.

The woman only inches from my face. My legs still unable to move. A single tear was rolling down my face as I begged her for mercy. But to no avail the old woman shoved me into the unknown depths beneath the cottage, never to be seen again.