The Colorful MusicBox

One very warm but not too warm afternoon, Jacob, a very lonely boy sat in his old dusty basement room gushing tears from his eyes like always. His parents were poor but at least they could afford a house to live in. Jacob cried all day and all night for God to give him a blessing from the Heavens but never got the answer he wanted “yes.” But one rainy afternoon he dashed down the basement stairs to his room with gushing tears. He was a very emotional boy. He looked to the side of him and found there was a bright colorful box, it had a key to open it and a knob to make a simple melody play. “A music box?” Jacob heard of a music box but never had the chance to actually own one for himself. On the top of the box spelled the letters of his name J-A-C-O-B. He turned the knob three rotational times and unlocked the box. The melody played like a dashing ballerina dancing in the moon light. He felt much calmer and relaxed than before. The very next day his mother cooked ham and chicken for dinner which was very strange knowing that his family is poor. He came back to his room seeing his bed beuatifuly decorated with racecars. His whole room turned all colorful and decorated just like the music box. “Is this all a dream?” Jacob wasn’t to sure if he was going crazy or it was a very awesome dream with him just about to awaken but didn’t. Once again the box caught his eye he spun the knob and opened the box. It played its little melody with a slight crack in the end, it seemed to have been worn out so it needed to recharge but Jacob didn’t know how to do that without derections.   One day after the other Jacob made friends, had a beuatiful home to live in, and a beuatiful upstairs room that was now made into Jacob’s. Jacob began to act like he was everything his brat like self made his heart turn dark with no care at all. He changed he changed and there was nothing anyone could do to fix him. As his heart turn darker and darker as he turned that knob his whole life turned with it. His room turned dusty with. Rusty boards sticking out of the floor, wallpaper peeling to the floor, and just a dirty mattress for a bed. His house filled with cobb webs and vines that hang over the decks and roof of the house. His life turned from a polite boy to a brat just like the other kids around the neighborhood he use to live in. The world that he lived in now was a world of dread and sorrow but ever since that day he found that music box. It wasblack and white with no color added to it. He died in that house and on every halloween night his spirit returns.

  • Hi_there

    What? Can someone explain?

  • Storm

    I liked the idea of this story but it had some spelling and grammar mistakes. Also it seemed a little to fast and confused me a bit I think it could have been longer to help with explaining things.