The Chair

Ever since you, yes you, have been reading this, there has been an entity sitting in your chair. You can’t see this entity. If you try to look at it, it goes to another chair. Look at that one, it goes to another, you guys get it don’t you? Anyway, He is watching you.

Getting rid of him isn’t easy. You need these tool’s to please him.
-A chair
-A match
-A lighter
-A glass of water

You’ll see why later.

Let’s give this entity a name. His name will be… Satan.

He sure as hell acts like Satan, trust me.

First, place your chair in a quiet area. Surprisingly it doesn’t have to be at 12:00 or 3:00, but it does have to be at a specific time. 5:23 PM.

No one knows why, but Satan likes this number.

Anyway, place it and pour glue on it. You’ll see why soon.

Then, chant this exact phrase

“Satan, take this chair as a gift. Sit in it as your on comfort.”

This will invite him into your chair.

He will sit on the glue and be stuck, but won’t notice it.

You can have a conversation with him about anything. Who your dream girl is, If you’ll be rich, If it actually killed Lupus Creepus. If you guys don’t know who that is check him out.

He will answer it.

When you’re done, say goodbye.

He will try to teleport but be stuck. Take the rope and tie it around his wrist, attaching them to the chair arms. He will struggle and scream. Don’t react. This will show sign that he is winning.

Anyway, light the match. Burn a part of your own finger. Then, throw the match at Satan. He will burn to death. He will scream the most ear piercing scream you have ever heard. He will spit acid at you. Dodge the acid. Don’t react.

Satan will burn to death.

You won.

Now take the glass of water and pour it on his dead body.

Your payment? Nothing.

You are done. What Satan answered will become true.

Anyway, if you ignore him?

He will murder your loved ones.




If you choose a knife to kill him, how foolish of you. That won’t work.

1. The knife would deflate like a balloon.
2. Satan would take the knife and kill you.

Just make sure you don’t reread the creepypasta for your own sake…