The Carousel

The day I realized that conduits are not just a fake game to be played with. My friend was a Satanist and at first no one took him seriously. Yet he was the only one who found the carousel. We had just moved into a new house and the attic was filled with all type of junk. We cleaned the entire place out no one saw it. Yet he went up there and found it laying in the middle of the floor. Just waiting for his new owner.

That’s when it hit the floor. Everytime someone walked past the carousel would start it’s music. The minute someone looked at it there was silence. Everyone was scared of it. I had done some research. So I thought I could get rid of this presence by myself. Waiting till everyone was gone from the house ( not knowing that the owner of the carousel was still here). I light some candles and set the conduit in front of the mirror. Looking up the words I begin the incantation summoning the thing from the depths of the conduit. Nothing happens. I frown and I look into the mirror nothing there. So I shrug out out the candles and go to bed. That night hell broke loose. What ever was waiting in the conduit was wanting badly to escape.

I woke up to clawmarks on the wall and a trail of blood leading out my door. Turning on the light I huddled there on the bed shivering. When I finally got the courage to leave the room I shrieked at what I saw. All of my friends laying there. Their throats slit wide open. I started crying when I noticed that my best friend my brother was holding his girlfriend like he was protecting her.

I sank to my knees sobbing like a child. That’s when I heard the sadistic chuckling coming from down the hall. Looking up I went into the Satanist room. He was sitting there with a rather smug look on his face. Then he spoke and his voice was like the voice of Satan himself. He stood up and bowed thank you. Then something changed my friend was back but the look of torture claimed his face. He looked at me sweat pouring down his face. I can’t hold it anylonger. He clenched his fists and managed to look up and into my eyes. Run he whispered. So I did and as I was racing down the hall I heard a cold malicious laugh follow me. My first thought was to run outside and try to flee the evil chasing me. But as soon as I did that all the outside doors slamed shut. So I ran down stairs and bolted the door. Grabbing the cross hanging above the bed I hung it on the door praying it would buy my time. I sit on the bed and looked out the window and decided then that I needed to warn everyone.

So my warning is as follows. Demons are real. Their purpose is to kill you and take your soul. Conduits are a real thing respect them and leave them alone. Leave the summoning to the professionals. No mater how mad you are at someone summoning anything to your aid always comes with a price. Are you willing to pay that price?

  • Ellpa Elgae

    Where do I begin? First, please use grammar. Second, there is no description. What did the toy carousel look like? Third, it is confusing. Why did the Satanist friend go crazy? Where did they set the toy? “Conduits are a real thing respect them and leave them alone.” I Googled the word conduit, and apearantly it is a spout for liquids. You are telling me that spouts are real and should be respected, unless I’m wrong and uneducated. Anyway, not a good story. Try a little harder next time. Also, don’t forget grammar. It’s waiting… For you…