The Broken Entity

Do note that this is real. This happened in november 12 2015. We were playing in version 1.7.10. We did not have any mods whatsoever. We would never share our server’s IP address. If you could explain what is happening, please do in the comments.

Me and my best friend were playing Minecraft. I felt like it was just yesterday, but it was actually 5 years ago. I could still remember the entity’s dark face.

I logged on to my account and joined him on the private server I made last week. We were going to start a survival game. “Begin,” I said.

We first set out to the river nearby spawn. This river was a very long one indeed. There were a few trees, then a cave seemingly leading to a mountain. My friend started to gather wood from the nearby trees and I began to forage for some seeds, saplings and apples. I ran back to where my friend was. I haven’t noticed I was gone for so long for he has already gotten a crafting table and a furnace and he gave me a pickaxe and torches, and then started to build our house.

This was when the weird happenings began. While I was mining on the cave from earlier, I heard footsteps nearby. I thought it was my friend playing tricks and was following me, but he then showed me that he was still building our base. It was only the two of us in the server. I ignored it and proceeded to go deeper in the cave. I found some iron not to long after. I blocked the hole leading to the rest of the cave and put torches near myself. Suddenly, a creeper leisurely walks toward me. When I noticed him, it was the only time he started to ignite. I grabbed the iron and sprinted away from the creeper. I was pretty sure that no creeper was near the cave or was visible when I first entered. I was pretty sure that the cave was completely lit by my torches and I’m sure that I haven’t gotten that far.

It was getting late so I continued back to the house and helped him build windows and put in decorations. We didn’t have a bed yet so we had to stay up the whole night. Strangely, no mobs whatsoever were spawning outside that night.

The next day seemed normal for a while. We made a mini-farm and used our seeds to farm wheat and potatoes to farm, well, potatoes. It was normal until I turned around to go to the door. Another player was staring out the window onto our farm. I couldn’t make out the face, but it looked like 1 Alex and one steve merged together. It didn’t have eyes. Could this be the Herobrine? Personally, I believed Herobrine did not exist. And it was definitely not my friend, because he was with me in the farm. Still, it was only me and him on the server. I looked inside the house and it wasn’t there. I looked for our water bucket and hoes in our chest but I also noticed a note saying: Not to respawn, not to hide, but to kill and SURVIVE. The keyboard froze and I couldn’t move. I started taking damage until I died. My friend said it displayed: OreHogger was burned to death and he was outside the whole time. I told him to craft me a sword and I would continue to forage.

  • Cadrn

    This definitely needs some work if you say a story is true and then give a date November 2015 you can’t say it was 5 years ago that makes no sense. Second the grammar and writing didn’t feel clean and professional I recommend you try reading some other pastas on here to get a feel for how they are written. It also didnt have any fear factor you just stated that you burned to death after a few weird instances nothing, scary at all. Definitely keep working at writing if you can it can be quite enjoyable as a hobby. 🙂