The Boy

One dark night at the new bar in town. Three friends were drinking till they were drunk. There names were Tod, Jim, and Zach. When they were drunk they went home. They all took the same car because they all lived together.

On their way home Zach was driving. As they passed the old bridge Jim said that he saw something but no one believed him because he was drunk. He said he saw a little boy with a teddy bear he was covered in blood.

Tod said that there was an old legend about a little boy. Tod told the legend *there one was a little boy his name was Tom. Tom said that he felt sick. His mom didn’t believe him because he was known for lying. Three weeks go by and Tom was still complaining about being sick. His mom took him to the hospital. They went in to see the doctor. The doctor said that the boy was very sick and that the boy was going to die In five weeks. The doctor said that it could have been avoided if he was brought in sooner.

3 weeks go by

Toms POV

Mom hasn’t stopped crying sence we got home from the doctors. I know I’m gonna die soon but everyone dies sometime. My life is just gonna be shorter than I hoped it would be. *cries*

Its time for Tom to die

As Tom lays in the doctor bed his mom gives him a teddy bear. His last words were the name that he gave the teddy bear ….. Alaisha. His mom started crying harder not only because her son is dead but because Alaisha was her name.*

Tod said to Jim that was probably who u saw. Zach said there almost home. When they got home they were all still drunk and they wanted to play on the Xbox they got. So Tod, Jim, and Zach all got a paddle and turned on the Xbox their going to play Halo. Jim saw the boy again he had thought that it was tom because he had the teddy bear again. After a while he didn’t notice the boy anymore but after he seen him the second time he heard this mumbling but couldn’t make out any words. The mumbling just got louder and louder and Jim could not stand it. Jim had a thought that when he woke up in the morning that he would go to the doctor.

Zach and Tod woke up to see Jim on the floor in a puddle of his own blood. The blood was coming from his ears and this throat, his throat was slit. Zach called the cops while Tod was throwing up. The cops came and the one cop said that there was nothing to go off of. The cop asked if Jim was drunk anytime before his death because they have had murders like that one before and all the suspects were drunk before it happened. After Zach and Tod heard that they knew exactly what had killed Jim. Zach and Tod have not gotten drunk from that day on.


  • Simon

    Wow, this is some next-level change of perspective here! We went from being told how one of the characters tells a story to actually being told the story by the kid IN said story. What is this, Hotline Miami 2?
    Anyway, I think we can all agree that the scariest thing here is drunk driving. Remember kids, not even once…

  • Alona Skidmore

    I’m only eleven OK guys so thx for the people who liked my story if u didn’t like it pls don’t comment but thx now I can make my next one better