The Boy in the Mirror

2 years ago.

“Hey Robert do you want to come over?” Casey said.

“Sure,” said Robert.

“Okay how about 10?”

“Why so late?”

“It’s a surprise.”

“Ok but it better not be weird.”

3 hours later.

I went to knock on the door, Casey opened the door.

“Why are you wearing a uniform?” I said.

“Reasons,” Casey said.

“So what are we going to do?”

“Summon him…”

“Summon who?”

“James Cedar.”

“Who the hell is that?”

“The boy in the mirror.”

“Dude… I swear to god this is fake!”

“Ok let try summoning to see if he is ‘fake’.”

“This is stupid. Ok so what do we do?”

“We stand in front of a mirror and say his birthdate.”

“Ok, but we say it three times. This is just some bloody mary clone.”

“Dude shut up and who cares.”

“Fine lets just get this over with.”

“1935 04/09, 1935 04/09, 1935… 04/09. See, fake nothing happened.”

“Ok let’s just finish that movie.”

“Hey Casey can you go get that popcorn?”

“Sure,” those were Casey’s last words. Then I heard a splat like water spraying on the walls.

I jumped out of the couch and saw Casey throat slit blood all over the carpet and walls.

I looked up.

“Holy s**t!”

I saw a little boy in the mirror with a knife. I ran as fast as could broke through the window and called the police, they didn’t believe me and then called it a suicide. From know on I never spoke of that again…

  • Aron Paul


  • Nyirobi Ojulu

    I’m on the toilet reading this too so I felt awkward sitting here right next to a mirror lol

    • Why can’t I find you

      Maybe the boy in the mirror was watching you go to the bathroom c;

  • Why can’t I find you

    THhis was very well written for such a shot story.. Anyways I have like 5 mirrors in my room… What a blast..