Tabitha – Part 2

Tabitha had been sitting on the swing, watching the boy with growing spite. For the past ten minutes, she observed him bully and intimidate any kid unlucky to catch his attention or cross his path. She turned her attention to the adults who sat on the sidelines, oblivious to the events. He was probably twelve or thirteen years of age and a head taller than any of the children present on the playground that day. She knew what he was and if she were allowed to speak such words, she would say it to his face. “You’re a little s**t!”

The boy seemed to grow bored of taunting those present in his captive audience and wandered off to the other end of the playground. She quickly began to calm herself, and soon could feel the fires of ancient magics smolder less within her chest. She hated her mystical gifts. She also feared it. It was like a wild animal buried deep inside, waiting for the first chance to escape. Bad things always happened when she released the beast. She felt naughty and dirty if she let it run its course. However, she would never admit this to herself: she liked how it felt to allow it to be free to run its course. The power surging in and out of her body felt so good! The aftermath of its rampage was beautiful beyond comparison.

Tabitha looked around to see if the two girls she had recently befriended were still here. She turned her head sharply towards the loud piercing sounds of, “yip, yip!” cutting through the air. The girl spun on her heels and saw a crowd of children gather in the direction the bully had wandered off. In the back of her mind, Tabitha knew she should turn away and not investigate. If she discovered what she suspected, hell would know no fury like the one about to be unleashed.

Tabitha ran towards the crowd and gracefully pushed her way through the children. She saw her two friends pleading with the tall boy, “Stop! You’re hurting him!” Tabitha’s eyes burned with fury and the wild beast stirred within her chest when she saw the events unfold.

In the far corner, just past the merry-go-round, the boy had a puppy corned against the chain-linked fence. Trapped and unable to escape, it let out pitiful yelps of pain and fear as the youth pelted rocks at the feeble animal. Tabitha clenched her fists and shouted, “Hey! Stop that, right now!”

The boy barely glanced at her and continued to beat the puppy with stones. Tabitha quickly approached the taller boy and grabbed his arm as he was rearing back to throw another rock. Now annoyed, he quickly shook her off and pushed her hard to the ground. He smirked and said, “Piss off, you little b***h!” and turned to resume his torment of the small dog. The boy prepared to throw the rock, mimicking the pose and stance of a baseball pitcher. He held the stone in his hands like an imaginary baseball, looked to his left and right to check if the imaginary runners weren’t stealing the bases. The boy wound up and prepared to throw the rock when he felt the tight grip of a massive hand grab his wrist. Surprise washed over his face when he turned and saw there was no one there restraining his arm.

Tabitha lifted herself from the ground and straightened herself. She smiled, thinking out loud, said, “Now you’ve gone and done it. You’ve made me mad… you little s**t!”

Tabitha, the descendant of the Mother of Endor, child of prophecy, and bringer of war, stood with arms outstretched and palms open, smiled and rose in the air. Her vibrant green eyes, now ink black, fixated on the unsuspecting boy, and she released the wild beast.