The Box – Part 1

Dear Diary

It’s that time of the year again,  my sweet,  sweet Emma is turning 21?! And today me and my buddies went out shopping for the perfect gift,  for a perfect girl. So Emma is not your typical “Disney Princess” girl,  she has an old soul and really loves antique items, so my friend Elcenta decided to drive me to this antique store across town.

It took about 45 minutes of driving time, when we arrive, we were greeted with a huge shining billboard sign which reads “Obscureitas”.

This huge shop was spewing with antique touch, but there was a demonic or negative aura surrounding it, me and my friends (Elcenta, Charles and Kry) decided to go in anyways.

Upon entering we were greeted by this weird but sweet old lady, I asked her whats was the best gift for my girlfriend. And there it was, a beautiful small-sized box, with antique craftsmanship and enigmatic layout of the box’s surface. Surprisingly it was cheap!! But she warned me about the box’s ancient power

“It bring good to those who controls it but be warned not to open it with bad desire.”

I choose to ignore it because she sounds crazy as the way she looked. So after we purchased the box we left, but with a weird and negative energy. But it was all for her. And I love her more than anything.


Dear Diary

Today is… 30th of September!!

Today is the day, when I gave her the box she was so happy!! She couldn’t stop hugging me and reciting the 3 magical words to me “I love you” another magical day for a lucky man like myself.


Dear diary

I had a rough night with Emma, last night after our dinner, her mood suddenly changed and started to stare at the box for a long time. When I rub her shoulder she got so angry that she scratch my arms. It was clear she was obsessed with the box. But why? Then I tried to sleep it off. She slept beside me with the box which never happened before. That night I heard scratches beside me, and mumbling, the most terrifying part, it wasn’t coming from Emma. It was the box. Since Emma was sleeping like a log I decided to open the box from her hands.

It was shocking, it was horrible, there was a lot of rocks, letters, horrible writings and a piece of paper, there was even some kind of emblem engraved in the box. I have to throw this box away, it is not normal to have something like this. Suddenly as I closed the box I heard a voice inside the box, which send me shivers and ice-cold blasts through my spines. “Izwan… She… Is… Ours…” I stepped back and started cold sweating as I clearly heard the box talks to me…


I need help…

We need help…

  • Alissa Isley


  • Puddin Tane

    Needs work, especially the grammar.