The Blinking Light of a Spirit

All this story is true. Read on at your own risk.

So me and my friend was in a boring school day. The week before Easter holidays! We went to a shortcut to math, in a stairway. No-one really uses it. We hated math, so we waited, moaning. Until we spotted a blinking light. We tried to talk to it, somehow thinking it will whisper.

“Are you a spirit? Blink twice if you’re a spirit.”

*Blink, blink.*

We asked it more questions. Another classmate came in. It was blinking fast. Did it only like us?

So we went to math, late but since it was near the holidays, we did coloring in. We didn’t bother doing it. We played ‘Charley, Charley’ questioning about the spirit. We told him to get the spirit. It started moving the corner of the paper a bit. So we wrote ok on that corner.

After that class we went to the light, again, trying to get a name. We couldn’t get an answer, so we went to science. We got to watch a movie. “This may be a fun day,” I thought. I drew a translator to, well, translate. After that. The light, eh.


We seen a piece of fluff blow, but no wind.

We wondered and wondered, how this happen.

A few days later, when I was off school, my dad was working, building a daycare. We went to the shop, to get something to eat. I had to go to the toilet. When I was in. You can guess. The blinking light. It kept blinking, until I said hello. Did it follow me? I was confused. Well, it’s the Easter holidays. I’ll write a part 2 when I find a spirit. Just call me, Spirit Hunters. Who ya gonna call, Ghost spirit busters (Don’t call me that).

  • HEX

    Oh boy…. Yeah nah this is pretty bad. It made little to no sense.


      Sorry, what didn’t make sense?

  • Smoochiboochi92

    Theres alot that needs to change in this story. Mainly for the fact alot of small sentences and some of the sentences dont make any sense.