The Being Who Has Been Stalking Me My Whole Life

Before I start this story, I just want to say this is in fact, not fake. What happens in this story really happened.

So this person/being that has been stalking me has been around since I was 6-7’ish years old. Before starting the two stories I’m about to tell, I will give a description. This Thing’s face is pale, completely white. It has two black cutouts in its face, for eyes, but they don’t end. I’m not particularly sure if it has a mouth, but it can speak. Its voice is deep, most likely the most deep voice I have ever heard. It wears clothes, which is usually a lab coat, and black, or maybe even grey pants. Enough of the description, I’m going to get into the first story.

So the very first time I saw this creature, I was 6 or 7. I got up in the morning to go to school at 6 am, and every morning my mom, and my brother would stop to get soda, and my mom would get cigarettes. So we stop at our usual gas station, and they walk inside. And because I was young, I was paranoid by myself. So my eyes scanned everywhere, I didn’t see anything until I looked into a dark corner, to the left of the store. I noticed this being, with a mask on, a red shirt, and black pants on. I didn’t see any hair at all. The second I look at this thing, it starts walking towards my car. I start to cry, and get in the floorboard to hide, and I stay down there until my mom and brother come back, and nothing happened afterwards.

This second one is so disturbing, but I’ll get right to it (at the time I was 10 years old).

So, I was at my grandma’s, staying for the weekend. It was normal in the day Friday. But I just had the best idea to stay up all night playing games.

Around 3:00-3:30 I heard the back door slide open, and heard humming following. As a result of that, I turned off my laptop and began to hear footsteps. The rest of the night I heard singing and humming, while everyone was asleep.

The next day my grandpa had work, and my grandma was going to go to the laundry mat. I forgot what happened the night before, so I wasn’t scared to be by myself (or so I thought). Once they left I got on the swing in the backyard. As I was swinging, I looked at the guest bedroom window, and saw the curtain was open, as if someone was looking through, seeing that spooked me.

So I got up and left to the front yard, and laid down on the chair on my porch. As I was drifting off, I heard footsteps, loud ones, inside the house. I sprung up, shook it off, then layed back down. I heard then again, even louder. I got up, grabbed a garden shovel, and ran to the sidewalk by the road and stared at the house.

I looked over at the second guest bedroom in front of the house, And noticed the curtain was open. A second after I saw the curtain open, it shut fast. I backed up. I looked back and saw it was open, then it shut fast again. A couple of minutes later, I heard tapping on the window. And soon I had the courage to go to the window, and shout out, “Get out of my house! what do you want?!” And I heard maniacal laughing.

The laughing was very very deep. I ran back and showed the shovel to the window, the curtain shut, then BANG! The thing hit the window as hard as possible. I darted off crying, once I stopped crying I heard the laughing again. soon my grandma came home thinking the dog got loose or something.

I told her what happened, and we went inside to inspect. We didn’t see anything, but I could clearly see footsteps. I insisted I leave, or we could get a hotel, and she decided I go home. as we were walking to the car, my grandmas friend pulls up. As they were talking I take a glance at the window, and see its horrifying face. The window closed, and the curtain shut. Then we left.

That’s about it so far, I’ll make a part two if anything new happens.

  • Ineffable

    I can’t tell if your serious or no, is this really true like for REAL

    • Ineffable

      I’m 99% sure its not but ya know just checking