The Assassin and The Hunter

Chapter 1 – The Lesson

Bloodthirst, it is what Yuki has tasted in his first bloodshed. He has his own self will, free will should I say, but what is self-will? Starting from the word “will” comes from the capabilities of a person of one can do by thought or actions. The word “self” well you already know. Combine the two and you and you get the person who thinks for himself regarding with no beliefs or others’ facts or neither opinions.

Yuki was a religious disciple of God himself. He read the whole book of the temple called the Bible which he learned everything from the old testament to the new testament. He is wise because of those words he had learned from the words of God but it all broke down because of a traumatizing event in his childhood that changed him and he will never be the same. He still believed that there is a god but after that event that has happened to him which the “Hunters” killed his entire family. He thought there was a god but there was, but he thought God forsaken him now he believes in himself not in God’s words. He forsaken his own God and had his own free self will for himself. Because of those killings in his childhood he thought maybe why did they kill them, did it felt good? Or maybe there is a reason, a good reason, or just a bad reason. But I can tell that killing is a part of life. You see the strong prey on the weak but if you prey on the stronger you will become superior than those who you preyed on. That is why they call it “taking a life” because when you kill someone you feel stronger than that person as if your psyche has sucked its life out of the person you killed. But this story is not all about killing, mostly of it yes but no, it is a lesson. Shall we begin our story on how Yuki found himself to be the strongest man in the world?


Chapter 2 – First Blood

Yuki became a psychopath because of his genes taken from his parents were both psychopaths but one thing he doesn’t know is that they were assassins which of course gave him the power to kill someone by instinct. Yuki thought himself that what does it feel like to kill? Well, he waited until 3 AM in the morning at dawn. He took his father’s butterfly knife which was painted in black, pitch black carved on it is the symbol of the Dark Brotherhood. He doesn’t know about the Dark brotherhood yet but he still wants to kill to see how it feels like. He wore his black hoodie and waited until 3 AM. He drank an energy drink and coffee to keep him awake but this just made him feel high from caffeine causing him to be awake at 24 hours

3 AM has passed a minute by a blink of his eyes. He ran outside, no one was outside. He climbed to the roofs. He ran and jumped through the roofs. He jumped down and rolled on the ground. And then he saw someone. A man smoking and drinking. He sneaked up behind him. Yuki was extremely nervous that he questioned himself “Can I actually do this? Maybe this is wrong, no! The Hunters killed my entire family and I wanna know how it feels like to kill.”

He aimed his knife to the neck of the victim. His hands were shaking and his head was sweating. He couldn’t do it but then…

He forced his hand to penetrate through his throat and then he died. Yuki felt something. He felt great, powerful, and superior. His hands were no more shaking and no more sweating. He smiled psychotically. His bloodthirst tasted like Death’s scythe. His heart was pounding so fast that it felt amazing. He laughed hysterically. And that my friends, is that how it feels like to kill someone.


Chapter 3 – Discovery of the Dark Brotherhood

Yuki has gone in a killing spree every night and the cops are still trying to find the killer but they don’t know who it is because Yuki uses gloves to hide the fingerprints. Every night is the same cycle of death but now this night is different. At exactly at 12 Midnight Yuki went to the forest to find peace in himself which is something he will never find because of the traumatizing effect of the killings of his parents. Yuki was just wandering in the forest while he was discovered by some cult who wear cloaks and hoods over their faces that their eyes cannot be revealed.

“We have been watching you. You have potential, come join us.”

“What’s in it for me?”

“Well if killing is all you want which is something you are good at, you can be better and you get more kills. You will be an assassin like us, join us and money will rain on you.”

“I don’t need money but the killing… sounds convincing.”

Thus, by that Yuki joins them.


Chapter 4 – The Sanctuary

“Deep into the forest there is a sanctuary, our sanctuary for the Dark Brotherhood.”

“Dark Brotherhood?”

“Yes, your whole family was part of it, your parents were assassins.”

“Ah I see. And they were killed because they were assassins?”

“Correct my brother, they were killed by the Hunters. A secret organization like us. Our opposing rivals. They kill such people like us like assassins. They hunt them down to stop the harbingers of death.”

“But if we kill one killer would that make the counts of killers the same?”

“Ah yes but if you kill more there will be less killers.”

“So who are we killing?”

“Only the sinful ones, we are given contracts and they must write the sins they have done against them and then we kill them, we get paid.”

“What if the target didn’t do anything?”

“That would be pointless, the obvious answer is of course, not to kill the contract.”

“How do you get contracts?”

“In our wrist we have a tattoo of the brotherhood symbol and they know who we are. We are to be feared we are the Dark Brotherhood!”

“Oh I see your motive now.”

“But what is your motive?”

“It’s supposed to be revenge but I just kill for fun.”

“Killing isn’t all fun and games my dear brother.”

“Then what is it?”

“It’s a serious matter. Here we are now at our sanctuary.”

“It’s a mansion.”

“Ah yes indeed it is my brother. You see this mansion may be big but it’s small for the government to see because it’s camouflaged through the forest.”


Chapter 5 – Fun and Games

My name’s Yuki Feaster and today, I’m getting a gun!

“We’ve seen your skills in murder, I think you need a better rank for yourself.”

They represented me an USP-1 gun attached with silencer and an extra gift, a tuxedo.

“Remember to use it wisely or you will be cast out of the sanctuary for an eternity.”

Yuki hugged his very first own gun.

“Now, you have 10 heads in this contract, each are gang leaders, we didn’t give you that gun to kill randomly, you are too good to do just one, so why not make it 10?”


Yuki grabbed the file and left running with excitement.

Yuki didn’t do his job but instead he tested out his gun to innocent people. He was so happy killing everyone at midnight instead of doing his own goddamned job. But he thought of the consequences so which means he will do it anyways.

Yuki climbed through the roofs and jump from roof to roof to synchronize the area to find his targets. He saw someone going to drive with his luxurious car. He jumped down and stabbed his head, grabbed his keys and drove away.

“I know one good way to kill that prick. IT’S TO RUN OVER HIM HA HA!”

Yuki drove extremely fast then the cop pulled him over. Yuki slowly rolled down the window shield then shot the cop in the face then drove away. Too bad he is not wearing any gloves so he has to burn the car for no evidence. He went to the gang party which luckily, 10 of the enemies are there. Yuki reversed his car then ran into the house running over the gang leaders. Mission complete! He went to the gas station then gassed up the whole car and burned it. He walked away as if nothing happened


Chapter 6 – The Charming Lady and the Charismatic Man

“I’m back” laughed Yuki, “The contracts are done, I even took photo-”

“NO PICTURES!” the brother interrupted, “Photos of dead bodies are evidences!” then he burned them.

“Oh, sorry, I just wanted to show that I actually did my job.”

“Forgiven, brother. Not to worry. Anyways we have an urgent contract for you. A lady without a picture in the file, she is known as ‘Bringer of Death’ she is usually in the woods where you were before just like in the file said and-”

Yuki grabbed the file and ran away laughing.

Yuki went to the woods and found this girl so he jumped and climbed a tree as he sees the girl laughing crazy and jumping up and down with a bloody knife.

“This must be her, though she is my type. But I have to kill her, for my parents, for the brotherhood and its honor!”

“Huh?” the girl thought she saw him but no one was there so she proceeded to do her fun.

The girl was wearing a white hoodie and white pants, an opposing color to Yuki’s also has the same hair as him yet longer.

From above from the dark night sky Yuki stabbed the girl’s brains out penetrating the skull yet it didn’t happened like he expected, the girl had skills enough to dodge it by siderolling.

“What, how?”

“You can’t easily kill me my dear. For I am the bringer of death!”

Yuki laughed and then tried a slash on her throat but the girl managed to block it with her knife, a karambit knife.

“Bringer of death?”

“Yes that is my name.” her accent was British

“Well I am the harbinger of death!”

They continued to fight while having a conversation knife by knife.

“So you came here to kill me?”

“No, actually, the first time I laid eyes on you my heart skipped a beat.”

“Oh so you love me?”

“Pretty sure that means I am just excited to kill you.”

“How so?”

They looked at each other’s eyes causing a conflict between love or wrath.

Yuki stole a quick kiss from her while slashing her thigh successfully then the girl pounced on him and put a knife on his neck.

“No one kisses me… and lives.”

Yuki just smiled

“Before I die I want my final words to be a question.”

“And that might be?”

“In your whole life, what is your most forbidden secret desire?”

“If I tell you it won’t be a secret now is it my dear?”

“Well love, you’re going to kill me anyways so your secret is safe.”

“I want to kill every single living in this world, no one survives. I don’t wanna take contracts from THE HUNTERS, I just wanna kill, that’s all.”

“Well in my files you’re my contract my love.”

“Is that so? You are my contract as well my dear.”

“Well isn’t this just destiny pulling us together, or aren’t you just my little soulmate?”

“Soulmate? Hah I don’t believe in love but” the girl looked at his psychotic grin… “I do now…”

She calmly let go of him as he stands up.

“I know our factions of brotherhoods whatsoever aren’t our motivation to kill.”

“We’re just the same then?”

“Indeed my love. You see, the world is full of targets, anyone can be a contract, don’t you agree my love?”

“Oh yes I do agree my darling.”

“Instead of fighting shall we dance?” Yuki lend her a hand as he bows elegantly.

“Why yes indeed!” she took his hand and Yuki held her hand and waist then started to dance with her. “I never caught your name my love.”

“I never did get yours too my dear.”

“I am Yuki Feaster.”

“Call me Yura. Just Yura.”

“Would you like to kill with me tonight my… Yura?”

“Oh, why yes indeed, my Yuki…”

So they hid their knives inside their hoodies then they held hands walking through the city talking about how they would kill each person pass through them while walking and Yuki felt extremely tired.

“What’s wrong my dear?”

“Caffeine… I need it.”

“There’s a coffee shop nearby my dear, would you like a cup?”

“I would love to get 10 cups of coffee right now.”

“Okay! I’ll treat you.”

“You will?”

“Yeah, since you’re my… well… how do I say this?” she started to blush

“Your boyfriend?”

“Yes, well, yeah exactly.”

“Then let’s go, my girlfriend?”

“Let’s go now shall we?”

Both of them went inside the coffee shop and while waiting for their order on the table they noticed a certain guy with feminine features in him who wears a red hoodie with a rainbow dash of yellow, red, and green contacts in his eyes being annoying, loud, and chugging a lot of coffee. Yes you guessed it, it’s Matryoshka-chan. Also has green hair.

“Who is that er..boy or girl?” asked Yura

“I think that’s a girl for sure.” answered Yuki

“Why not we invite him or her to our table? She looks lonely.”

“Yeah, we should, he might be a good target.”

They called him and invited him into their table, Matryoshka accepted their offer and sat next to Yura.

“You seem interesting, tell me about your-”



“I can’t believe rivalry opposing factions would date together, it’s so scandalous Ha Ha Ha!”

“You know us?”

“Of course I do!”

“You’re Yuki, and this girl beside me is Yura!”

“How did you know?”

“I work for both factions actually, I’m a double agent to be honest.”

“So you’re betraying both factions what for?”


“So your motive in killing is just for coffee? Bloody hell, I don’t have time for this.”

Yura interrupted, “So you work for both the Hunters and the Dark Brotherhood? Is that what you meant?”

“Yes, exactly, more factions more money for coffee!”

“No wonder why you’re crazy.”

“Oh you think I’M crazy?”

“Yes, kind of.”

“Hey Yuki”


“Let’s have a contest.”

“What contest?”

“Let’s drink coffee until one of us stops.”

“Sounds good!”

Yura interrupted again, “I don’t think that’s a good idea my dear.”


They ordered the deathwish coffees and drank together again and again and again until… both of them crashed from too much caffeine at the same time lying on the floor.

Yura has never been disappointed in her life she left the coffee shop.

“That was hella fun wasn’t it eh Matry?”

“Hell yeah it was.”

“What should we do now, we can’t get up?”

“I don’t know, Yura left us no one’s gonna help us get up.”

A gothic girl passed through with her coffee and Matryoshka asked for her help to get up, she insisted to anyways but they both still fell so the goth girl carried them and put them in their seats.

“Thank you, what is your name? You seem interesting.” asked Yuki

“My name’s Cody, how bout yours?”

“My name’s Yuki Feaster.”

“You guys are here late having too much coffee, I noticed. It’s going to give you a hard time in school.”

“We don’t go to school. We have jobs.”

“Like what.”

His knife fell from his wrist.

“Oh… now I know.”

“Don’t get the wrong idea, it’s just my self defense weapon.” Yuki spin and flipped his butterfly knife and put it back in his hoodie.

“Then what’s your job?”

Matryoshka interrupted, “OUR JOB IS TO KILL PEOPLE!”

Everyone glared at them.

“I think we need to get out of here. C’mon Cody.”

Cody followed them both while the two assassins talked with each other and Matryoshka was giggling.

Cody asked, “Is that crazy guy a girl or a boy?”

“Actually I’m a guy!”

Yuki’s hopes came from heaven to hell after hearing this because he kinda had a crush on Matryoshka.

“Hm?” asked Matryoshka, “Why do you seem gloomy Yuki?”

“I can’t believe you’re a guy, Oh My God!”

“Well I just have a feminine voice and other features of my body, all that’s left of me as a guy is-”

“No no no no no no, don’t even talk about that I might get even worse.”

They sat a bench in the park the three of them then Yuki started a conversation about killing and keeping it as a secret for Cody. Cody and Yuki had so much in common. For example, favorite bands and artists and such. Both of them were so emo about it while Matryoshka is out of place because all he knows in his reality is killing.

Next chapter… Who is the stalker of Yuki, Suki?