The Agony of Pain

Hello there. My name is Mia. I’m 13 years old and I live in the Toledo Asylum. I live in this world where there is no such thing as outdoors. Where, everyone in your world is either crazy or sane. You see, I don’t call myself crazy. I call it letting your mind be free. People who do bad things have bad things happen to them. And that’s how it is according to everyone in the world. See, I know what you’re thinking. “Mia, you are a f*****g lunatic.” Yes, maybe I am a lunatic. Or maybe I just know the difference between my fantasy world and reality.

We all live in this world where we rely on objects, money, and s*x. Fast food for example. This substance is killing the well being of our people. When all we need to do it dig a seed in out backyard and then we have everything we need. We have food, water, and nature. But we decide to throw that all away and do stupid s**t 24/7. We put people who need mental help in asylums like me. They don’t help us. They take us, screw us, and then throw us away when they are done. The world we live in now can’t ever be fixed cause of stupid s**t. Why can’t everyone just “live off the grid” then everything will be fine. So one night, I decided to murder my family cause I needed to let my anger out. I waited til they were all sleeping, then I took a knife and went to each room one by one and slit each one of their throats. And I did it while being completely sane. No, not crazy. But sane. I bleached and cut my hair after that, packed up a suitcase with clothes, food water. Basically goods. Then I went on my way and rode my bike away.

I hid out in the woods for most of the time. Went to a couple of free camping sites and mugged people once in a while for more food. I was free. Until one day, my story was all over the news. They’re were missing and wanted signs everywhere, almost on every post I saw. So this one day, I was riding my bike and bumped into a lady. And she recognized me from the signs and she knocked me out and turned me in. Let me make sure you know one goddamn thing. That if you ever let your mind be free one day. Make sure when you run, you never look back. Cause if you do, there will be a dark path waiting for you to walk along it.

  • Elena


  • Elena


  • Adam Warlock

    This “story” is quite possibly the single most nonsensical thing I’ve ever read on here. Nothing about it ever comes even remotely close to a cohesive story. The only way I can describe it is that it is the rantings of a stark raving lunatic. Pass this one by for your own good. It’s not worth the brain cells you’ll lose by reading it

    • Puddin Tane