That Night

One night, a girl was up late on the phone when her lamp suddenly shut off. She flipped the switch, but the lamp won’t turn back on. She decided to turn on her normal light thinking that would solve the problem and it did… for a while. The girl was on the phone with a friend when the light turned off. Not knowing why, she looked over her shoulder and screamed!

In the door way, stood an old woman with messy gray hair that covered her face. She was in a black gray dress that had blood stains all over the bottom. The girl screamed and suddenly the old woman was charging towards her on all fours. The girl got up and ran. She ran out of the room to the living room when she heard a scream… an ear piercing scream.

The old woman screamed, but she didn’t sound human. The scream was so loud that even the air seemed frightened. Not being able to withstand the sound, the girl dropped to her knees and held her hands over her ears. When her ears finally stopped ringing she turned around and… there she was. The old woman hovering above her.

The girl begged for her life, but it was too late. The old woman didn’t care. She charged at her slowly, tearing her apart. The girl was in so much pain she couldn’t stop screaming. Her screams echoed through the house till the only sound you could hear was her blood dripping from her now torn apart body. As the blood crashed to the ground, the old woman smiled and whispered, “Stay out of my home.”