Thank You For Letting Me In 2

I have to tell someone about it.Im trapped in my room im writing this down now just in case it gets in here. It only makes sense to start from the beginning so here I go. It was a chilly day and it was raining I got a lot of rain were I lived so nothing really out of the ordinary. I always loved listening to the rain hit the roof of my house it’s just so peaceful.

Then it came well I don’t really know what it is but im afraid of it. Anyway it was about 4:30pm while I was listening to the rain trying to take a nap. When I heard a knocking it was a soft but noticeable sound so I got up off my couch went to the door opened and no one was there. I shrugged it of as wind or something. I shut my door went back to my couch turned on the tv and the news was on I remember it talking about finding a guy in the country side in his closet It took 4 men to get him out they said he kept saying don’t let him in strange they ended up admitted him into a psychiatric center. As the news switched over to commercials I heard a knock on the door again this time louder.

I quickly got up ran to the door to open it angry this time and yelling but no one was there. I felt a cold gust of wind hit me and sent shivers up my spine. I shut my door I looked out the window of my door just to see if anyone comes back I waited for about 5 minutes then went back sat down on my couch just in time for the news to come back on.

As soon as I sat down the power went out and it stop raining and all fell silent. After about 30 seconds the silence was broken by a very deep heavy breathing. Immiditly I knew it wasnt me I jump out of me seat turned around and no one was there. It did feel cold though. It felt really cold almost unbearable.

I checked the thermostat it said 85 degrees Fahrenheit weird I have electric heat so I know it’s not broken and it can’t be that the powers out because it wouldn’t go cold that fast. I turned around to hear a deep angry voice say “thank you for letting me in”. I looked all around. I couldn’t put a set location of where the voice was coming from. Maybe its in my head. I heard the deep breathing again as if it was right behind me. I ran toward the stairs as I did I could hear fast heavy step right behind me.

I made it up to my room slammed the door shut. I locked it when whatever it was yelled in a deep shrill and terrifying voice let me in. I’m scared I don’t know what to do I tried calling 911 but I had no cell service which was weird because in my house I always have full bars. I don’t know what to do im running out of options I thought about going out my window but it’s about a 35 foot drop so that’s not going to happen.

I’m trapped in my room if anyone knows what to do please let me know immediately. I dont want to die im only 23 i still have alot left to do in life just soneone please help me. I’ve been stuck in my room for about 2 hours now. The banging stopped and I didn’t here the voice anymore everything went silent but it was like a terrifying silence as if you knew someone or something is listening to you. So I gathered up the courage to unlock my door and open it. As I slowly open the door I went cold.

I felt as if someone was standing behind me. I turned around I seen a dark shadowy figure standing in front of me with a terrifying grin on its face. It said “Thank you for letting me in” then I blacked out when I came to I was in bed. Whatever this creature was it was right above me it said “you’ll never be alone again” it smiled and disappeared. That when I picked up my pocket knife that sits on the stand next to my bed opened it and cut my wrists as I slowly bled out it appeared in front of me smiled and with a most terrifying and sinister grin it said “thank you for letting me in” as I sat there in my bed slowly bleeding out it looked me in the eyes so deep like it was trying to see my soul it smiled