Texan Riot

American Star News 5

The following is a recount of the supposed Texan Riot that was believed to have taken place yesterday 23 of November, said to have started at around 10pm.

“I am writing this in hopes that police forces may be able to save me and my family from the forces above. My name is Jonathan and I live in Houston. I am 14 and I live with my mom and sister but I don’t know where they have gone to.

I hope this power bank can last this phone long enough for someone to find it if I don’t die, my hands are shaking, please
it is not a riot, there is something horribly wrong with the moon.

It was fine in the morning, my mother and sister had gone to the stationery store to buy materials for her art examinations. I watched the Channel 7 news showing on television. Each week, they would invite a special guest onto their set to talk about their career and its opportunities. This week, they invited a man with long blonde hair and a stubby chin who had spoken softly and calmly about a special event happening, looking at the news reporter’s face, it looked as if the man had paid to get on to the set.

As the sun started to set, I could hear the neighbours celebrating someone’s birthday on the sidewalk. As the clock struck 6, I decided to go out to watch the crowd screaming and cheering in the pitch black sky. As my neighbours laughed and sang, a blood-curdling scream was mixed in, including the cries of a very young child.

As the scream and cry grew louder and louder, the singing and cheering dulled down into whispers of concern.

I couldn’t take the screaming anymore, I tried I swear. I went back into the house and suddenly someone had shouted about how the ‘moon had-‘, but I couldn’t hear the last word.

As I looked through the small curtain crack, I could see that the crowd had all turned their heads towards the sky, pointing their fingers and covering their mouths, I think someone vomited.

As I suddenly felt a wave of dizziness arise, I fell onto the ground. I noticed through the curtain crack that the pitch black sky turned into a navy blue. As it got brighter and brighter, I stood up and shut the curtains, but the moonlight had seeped through the thick cloth.

As I looked at the moonlight that had flooded into my living room, I noticed something unexplainably wrong with it, something grotesque about the light itself. The light looked out of this world, dimension, I could smell something, the closest comparison of it is of meat, I can still smell it as i write this hiding in the bathroom cupboard, as the light touched me, I could feel it tickle me, it felt itchy, or painful… I dont remember. It felt living.

Soon, the whole house was filled with light, I felt a sense of discomfort both touching the light and hearing the sound of the people outside my house running back home. The only thought in my mind was to hide under the couch.

As I started to faint from the fear that the moon may be getting closer and closer to our home, I could hear sirens outside the house, sharp and shrilling, but it didn’t make sense as our neighbourhood usually had no police cars driving around. The sirens got louder and sharper, I could hear barely that the television turned on and someone was speaking, it may have been the guest man, the sirens may not have been sirens, and the moon may not be our moon… Slowly, I dozed off.

As I awoke, the sirens had stopped, there was some light coming from the tv. There was eery silence, the only sound came from the tv buzzing. The light was still as bright as before, maybe even brighter, but it was definitely hotter than before I had slept.

I tilted my head slightly up to see the tv screen, yet not too much as to touch the light. Feeling nauseous from the smell which now smelled more like dead rats, it took much effort to even move my head a centimeter upwards.

Vomit spewed from my mouth as I glanced at the image on the tv. I think, I don’t know, it was the moon, being live broadcasted onto the television, but at the same time, it didn’t look like the moon at all.

As I shut my eyes to rid the image out of my head, it appeared in my brain again, causing me to almost throw up for a second time. I lay under the couch in my own vomit crying.

The thing was in the sky beside the night stars wasn’t it?

It wasn’t our moon, that one glance had already told me it wasn’t, unless it was, except infested with many-

I vomited again at the thought.

Suddenly, in the extreme silence, I could barely hear something turn its head, or the crunching of bones. As the crunching grew louder and closer, it was interrupted with a loud thud that almost made my ears bleed after possibly hours or days of silence, minutes passed which felt like years and sounds of ziplock were blasted as whatever the mindless tumbling thing was had dragged itself towards my door.

I was afraid that the thing may be whatever was on that moon, and that dying or even looking at it in close distance may tear my brain apart physically. As the thing smashed itself on the house door, I closed my ears as I dragged myself out from under the couch and threw myself into the bathroom, each second in the light made my skin extremely itchy, it felt like it was stretching.

Hiding in the bathroom cupboard, I could still hear the thing rubbing on the door.

As an hour has passed and the thing had still been in my vicinity, I could not stand the unbearable sounds anymore, what sounded like rubber dragging before had not sounded like cracking of bones and the sound of chewing starch.

I now stand by my living room window, I look at the moon, the thing, the creature in the sky, what difference does it make now that I have learnt of the truth.

The more I look at it now as I write this, the more knowledge I have gained, I know our true purpose in life, Look at the Moon, Look at the M-”

The entry ends, it was last edited at 8am in the morning, beside the phone was said to be a “disgusting monstrosity” by one of the police who had gotten to Jonathan’s house In Texan. The thing beside the phone was described to be unexplainable other than “very fleshy” and “many potrusions and holes”, dead bodies caused by unknown means were also found.

There is no creature which resembles a moon in the sky when the cops had reached the neighbourhood and the “thing” at the doorstep was not found, there is no trace of it.

As of now, it is theorised that there is no apocalyptic event including the moon or monsters and the indescribable things found in the houses of all residents are artificially made.

It is believed that the neighbourhood had done this as a prank or hate speech to the government.

As we await the test results of the indescribable things by the scientists, all americans will pray for the victims who are killed in the riot at 6am, an hour from now.

The night is already pitch dark, but it is most likely a phenomenon, stay safe folks…