Tap Tap Tap

I drew what I saw the next day. This was it.

It was a cold winter night with light snow falling. Trees with no leaves were scattered around my neighborhood. A lot of people had trees somewhere in their yard.

I was about to be wrapped up in my dreams and sleep, when I heard a tapping sound. My eyes didn’t adjust to the dark and I saw something moving in the window. I brushed it off as a branch from the giant oak tree in my front yard so I rolled over and fell asleep.

I was woken up again by the same tapping. I walked over to my window and just lifted the glass. At the time I didn’t care if snow came in my room.

I fell asleep when I heard the same tapping. I looked over to see a figure at my window. I turned on my lamp to see a tall thin creature with long black fingers tapping on the window. From inside my room. Its eyes were sunken. It rushed at me and slashed my face up. I punched it and it hopped out my window. I stayed up all night and it never came back.

That was a year ago. And I swear, exactly that day this year, I heard more taps.

Tap tap tap…