Tanner’s Gun

The main mystery of Tanner’s Meme Page is how did Tanner get his gun? When the Pokémon was spotted he was huddled in a cave, when the explorer went to see if he was alive, Tanner pulled out a gun and shot him. Unlucky Pokémon trainers who have come across him have never been seen alive again. We have one eyewitness account who claims they know all, heres their story.

Wednesday, September 29, 1999, 6:34AM

It was a foggy morning when I saw him. Dew had formed on the grass that was in my front yard. I had my Converse on that I had begged my mom for and my bag for school. The cold morning air nipped at my ears and nose as I walked to my bus stop. There stood a figure who I recognized as one of the kids I’ve seen riding his bike around. Standing next to him he gave an indescribable aura off. An awkward silence absorbed us, trying to get rid of it I decided to talk to him.

“Hey I’m (anonymous), you are?”

When he looked at me he had a blank look in his eyes, cold and distant.

“Tanner.” No emotion was spoke.

Nodding, I looked at my watch to see the time. 5 more minutes till the bus would be here.

“I’ve seen you in the neighborhood, which street do you live on?” I tried to ask.

He stopped responding.


Nothing. The bus rolled up and he stepped on, disappearing in the seats before I could see where he went.


I couldn’t get him out of my head, there was something off about him. I looked for him in the halls and in my classes but he was a ghost. It was lunch when I had spotted him, he sat in a crowd of guys and girls. He turned his head towards me and I looked the other way, I didn’t even mean to. I guess my brain doesn’t want to see his blankness

  • Jai Lynn

    Story has a decent start, but it definitely needs a part 2