Suppressed Truth (Cases One and Two)

Voice 1: Since my parents think that doing an audio journal will help me with my “memory loss”, I’m doing an audio journal. My name is Thomas, in case I forget that (sigh). End entry one.

Voice 1: Hi, again, entry two of my dumb audio journal. Who doesn’t forget a few things from time to time? Seriously, I don’t understand all of this. Forgetting to take out the trash, a few assignments, and to charge my phone isn’t cause for concern. End entry two.

Voice 1: Entry 3. Had to go to the hospital, I was chopping up some carrots when I sliced my thumb. It still hurts, no matter how much ibuprofen I take. This is the first time one of my trances caused me harm. End entry 3.

Voice 1: Entry 4. People are idiots, seriously. I was in school, minding my business when all of the sudden a kid punches me! I was walking down the hallway, then I remember a kid facing me hooks me in the jaw. He said that I was “verbally abusing him”, like heck I was! I don’t say anything during a trance last time I checked. End entry 4

Voice 1: Entry 5. A week suspension for something I didn’t do. I hate my school, and the people attending it. (inaudible)

Voice 2: He isn’t strong enough to survive

Voice 1: I can’t deal with kids that act like the victim. End entry 4

Voice 1: Entry 5. I tranced last night, so I went back to see what happened. I kid you not, my hair was a mess! I seem to act neutral when I trance, not like someone who would-

Voice 2: I would murder them all

Voice 1: -say anything, at all. My parents are starting to worry over my “condition”. Its happening more and more, but I don’t see a problem.

Voice 3: I do

Voice 1: Maybe I should say what’s on my mind, end entry 5.

Voice 2: Entry 7. I murdered them, all of them.

Voice 1: I didn’t murder them! I don’t remember doing it, I woke up with blood and sweat all over me, i-

Voice 3: You murdered them.

Voice 1: Shut up! Get out of my head! Please stop!

Voice 2: How about we visit your little friend Ab-

Voice 1: NO! You cant!

Voice 2 & 3: Yes, we will.

Voice 1: (Screaming) (inaudible voices)


Voice 1, 2, & 3: End Entry 8


This audio log was found at the murder scene of Mr. And Mrs. Holloway, part of a 68 victim murder string. The murderer broke into each victim’s house, killed the adults, and tortured the high school students. Government agents took over the case and covered it up, saying that this case would cause a nationwide panic due to the increase of school shootings and serial murders. I should’ve known that this was just the start of it. I did a little research into similar cases a week later, when I found this:

Patient: XXXXXX, Brad

Gender: Male

Age: 17


Description: (exempt)

Patient was found walking the streets of XXXXXXX wearing a red hoodie and jeans. When reported the caller sounded scared, due to the patient’s (exempt). The patient was picked up by a local ambulance, he seemed relaxed and calm. His hoodie was soaked with blood, it was originally blue. We had to amputate is (exempt) to prevent blood loss, he wasn’t phased by it, kept a straight face. He was brought in, put on the bed, all was fine. When we tried to sedate him, because we noticed his obvious lack of sleep, he started flailing and screaming. His voice was raspy and weak, but had a certain strength to it. When we stuck the needle into his skin he calmed down, looked straight at one of the doctors, and said in what seemed like 3 voices at once “You’re next” Further examination was halted by federal agents taking the boy and saying not to tell anyone what happened.

The file was taken off of the records shortly after. After more cases and incidents of this, the name “Supressed Truth” was thrown at times before files and evidence were never seen again. I’ve tried to make this go public, but they won’t let it. This is my last resort, my last-ditch effort to try to get this out to the people. This is something huge, and it can’t be kept a secret. If this is deleted off of this page, you know what happened.

  • Rəgis

    I want more of these type of stories 👌

  • Puddin Tane

    Needs a little work. Some history on the character might help. Such as, what is causing these “trances”, why the multiple personalities? And a bit of work on punctuation. I caught one or to places that needed a comma, but it was an interesting read.

  • CreepyPastaED

    I really enjoyed this and would like to attempt a narrative on my YouTube channel if possible!