“Mom, I’m going to the lake with cousin Barry!” she told her mom cheerfully. Her mom smiled gently and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“Goodbye, Dear. Have fun!”

“Be careful,” muttered her dad.

“Oh I will. I promise!” she smiled. She ran out the door and walked to the lake with her cousin.

“Any chance you’ll be swimming?” he asked her.

“No, I rather just dip my toes in the water.”

He sighed.

“Oh well,” he muttered. They arrived at the lake after two hours of walking.

The girl gave a smile as she sat down on the green grass next to the edge of the the lake. The wind blowed softly through her hair as she dipped her toes into the water.

“Come swim you scaredy cat!” called her older cousin.

“I don’t want to, Barry. Go swim by yourself,” she replied sticking out her tongue at him. He rolled his eyes and jumped into the lake.

Thirty minutes later, he got out of the water and shoved her into the water. She shrieked as she fell into the water. Almost 40 seconds passed and she hadn’t came up for air and he began to get anxious.

“Yvonne, I know you’re pretending. Get out of the water already!” his voice wavered as another 10 seconds passed.

“Yvonne!” he called voice cracking, “Damn it!” he screamed frantically panicking as he ran and jumped into the lake quickly. He looked under the water and saw her body at the bottom of the lake.

He swam under and dragged her to the surface. He lay her down on the grass and listened for a heartbeat, but it was extremely faint. He began preforming mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on her but her heart had stopped completely.

He began crying with guilt and anguish. “I’m sorry Yvonne. This is all my fault,” he cried. He felt a chill run down his spine.

“It is your fault,” whispered a familiar voice. He turned around frantically.

“Yvonne?” he then screeched as he noticed the ghostly apparition floating above her body. She gave a cheerful smile.

“You may have ended my life unintentionally, but you’ll pay. I died, so now you’ll have to die too,” she smiled her eyes teary as she shoved his face under the water. His screams bubbling from the water as he thrashed about for around a minute before he just stopped. She giggled madly as tears streamed down her face.

“I’m sorry, but you cut my life short, so I had to repay the favor, Barry dearest,” her mouth twitched into an emotionless frown as she wandered away.

*3 years later*

A young lady named Alicia heard two knocks on her door. She walked to the door and opened it. She saw a twelve year old girl with shortish blonde hair and grey eyes in a green button up, water soaked dress. Her head, her face, and lips were blueish from cold.

“I’m cold, please let me in.”

The end

Author’s Note: This was an absolute trash, I know. My first attempt at a Creepypasta, so yeah, I’m sorry for writing this. I know it’s not good. This is just an attempt.

  • Venus Neely

    Story good!! Write part 2!! I’m excited, keep up the good work!! You are a great writer!!

    • PeggyMeg

      Really? Wow thanks you’re review really cheers me up, I’ll maybe write a part 2 when I get more ideas for it 🙂