Stuffed Animals

Everyone has had a favorite stuffed animal, right? I know I have, but on with the point here. I’ve had nine ever since I was 7. It was a pink bunny. Now I know some of you may have others that are white or green or black or brown and so on. But anyways, ever wonder, what happened when you weren’t home to see it.

No this ain’t the creepy toy Story, it’s real. Now, I still have the old stuffed animal. I’ve set up cameras around my house to make sure it wasn’t going to get broken in or worse, be haunted. Yes I know, it sounds like a child’s story, but, for the most part it kinda is. Now, let’s move on, say the stuffed animal is in your room. Nothing happens, or so you think. Let’s say, you had a bad dream that night, you hold on to your stuffed animal for comfort. It doesn’t help, you think it does, but it only makes things worse.

Now that it’s morning, you can’t find your stuffed animal any where in your bed. You look high you look low, no where at all. You sigh getting out of your bed and going to breakfast. Your mother had set the table whole your dad was reading the paper. You started to eat when you see your stuffed animal, sitting on the counter. It wasn’t there when you came in yet, it was. You looked surprise, yet keep eating. As you started to get dress, it seems to follow you around.

You finished getting dressed, going outside to wait for your business. As you walk away from your home, the stuffed animal waves slowly and creepily. You shiver, sighing. As you reach school you see it in the window again. You were about to scream when your best friend came up behind you. They ask if you are alright as you say your fine. You go into your class, seeing it on the desk. You think your mind is messing with you and going crazy. Your teacher steps into the class room, beginning their lesson for the day.

By the time your at lunch, you have already lost your mind. It keeps following you, no matter what you do. You decide to hack into your home cams that are all over your house. You check you room. Nothing. The hall. Nothing. The kitchen. Nothing. Then we go onto the basement. You looked around on the cam. Only to find your stuffed animal, ripped to shards on a table. A pentagram has been drawn in blood around the table.

You stare in horror, as a face starts to show up on the screen. It’s your dear stuffed animal, covered in blood, writing a message to you.

“I held your deepest fears, I couldn’t any more, after life, I’m only a stuffed animal.”

You turn off your phone quickly, eating your lunch and getting up to leave. You went straight back home. You ran into the basement. It was just like the video. A pentagram, the stuffed animal and the bleeding cam.

You hear a dark chuckled, as everything guess black….

  • Signe

    Wow this was just terrible. Did you even read it yourself? Full of spelling errors and the whole story felt terribly rushed. Take some time, read it, reread it, create an atmosphere. You put in the effort to write this story down, now put in the effort to better it.

    • ♛ℽαβιγΛ (~_~;)

      Exactly what I came to say.