STitCHeS pt. 2

Author’s Note: Hey guys! I was amazed on how many views I had on the last story and I wanted to say to all of you thank you so much! I was actually happy that I had some comments and some likes on it and I was really happy. Ok, so here is part 2. Let’s start! Oh and before we do, I just wanted to say, if you’re new to my story thingie, you might want to read part 1 and THEN read this part. I don’t know how many parts are going to be in this series (I guess that’s how you call it?), but you might wanna sit back and relax!

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Elizabeth crawled out from under the table and stood up to gain sight again. She has trouble with her eyesight when she stands up for strange reasons. Anyway, she gain eyesight and blinked a couple of times. Suddenly, she heard heavy footsteps walking down the hall, slowly, and sounded like something was being dragged along with it. She knew it was him again, so she ran out the door without any warning about anything. She didn’t look back. Elizabeth knew this was her last day to survive the killer grandpa. She heard a sudden yell saying, “YOU’RE NOT GONNA GET AWAY WITH THIS YOU LITTLE BRAT! YOU WILL DIE TONIGHT AND I WILL BE THE ONE WHO IS POWERFUL IN THIS WOOOORRRLLLLDDDDD!!” She heard a loud laugh, not the one when her parents passed (yes, she was in the crash but luckily, she survived.) but a strange one from those 80 to 90 century movies. She just ran and didn’t stop. She looked back to see if he was following her once more and turned back until she hit a man dressed in black. Elizabeth was knocked out.

Soon after that incident, she gain eyesight and was in a dark room but a little light bulb hanging above her wasn’t really bright. She looked out into the darkness and tried to scream for help, but soon realized that she was duck-taped and tied up. Her wrists were tied up in some kind of strong rope that seemed like it can’t be cut. Suddenly, Elizabeth heard a dark laughter, not like the laughter of her grandpa, but another guy. She heard the laughter getting closer, and closer. She was praying that it wouldn’t be her grandpa.

Suddenly, a man with two other guys right behind him. The guy in front was dressed in a black tux, tall, handsome looking, dark brown hair, and bright hazel eyes. The other 2 behind him was dressed in a black tux as well and wearing sunglasses so Elizabeth didn’t know who it was. She was staring into the first guy’s eyes as if she’s wanting to say, “Gimme out of this room so I can be free.” She thought being chased was better than thinking that she was gonna be r***d. “Tsk, tsk tsk,” said the guy in front, “you’re tied up. How cute.” He put his finger on her nose, “So, sweetie, is your name…” he paused, “Elizabeth?” Elizabeth struggled to get out and try to alert him that the rope is hurting her wrists. “Oh, honey, you don’t need to worry, daddy’s gonna take care of this for you.” Elizabeth’s heart sank when he said ‘daddy’s gonna take care of this.’ She knew this day was the worst ever.

There was a silence as the guy was looking at her into the eyes. He finally said, “The name’s Zacc, but call me anything you want. Oh, I forgot, your mouth,” he laughed in a weird way, “oh, silly me! You must want to talk, well, I will take it off for you. ERIC, GET THE TAPE OFF HER MOUTH!” ‘Well someone’s the bossy one here…’ Elizabeth thought. The man on Zacc’s right went up to Elizabeth and tore the tape off her mouth. She felt a sharp pain on her lips, as it felt like she was getting her lips tore off. She let a loud cry, in pain, in misery.

“Now, baby doll, tell me everything that happened before you ran into us,” he let out a creepy smile, as if he was hiding a murderous secret.

“Well,” Elizabeth started, “I got up this morning to get breakfast and I was looking to see if anyone was making breakfast but no one was in the house.” She took a deep breath and tried to gather her memory together, “So, I went outside and found my grandpa killing my grandma with an axe and so I ran into the woods and ran into a guy and…now I’m here,” she took a few breaths, “That’s all I remember, honest.”

“Are you sure? Because I thought you called the police and heard his footsteps coming down the hallway after you,” Zacc said, in a pleasant manor. Elizabeth’s spine grew cold when he said his last sentence.

“How did you know? Were you watching me?”

“Oh, baby, I saw everything… even when you snuck out, you had a medium sized knife in your hands. You know you shouldn’t be playing with knifes like that. You know one day, they, will catch you. And you will be punished for your actions.”

Elizabeth thought to herself, ‘Who is this they that he’s talking about?’ She asked about this they, he spoke of, “Sweetie, sweetie, sweetie. Don’t get so curious about who is the they I talked about. All you need to do is sign this. Are you being bullied at school or at the house of your own siblings because they pick on you that you’re ugly? Baby girl, you’re not ugly-” Elizabeth interrupted Zacc with a rude manor in her voice, “I AM ugly, Mr. Trying-To-Make-Me-Fall-For-You guy,” she scowled at him as if she wanted to kill him. He took a deep breath, “Alright, fine. Just sign this and me and my crew will make you beautiful again.” Zacc held out a piece of paper, a contract. Elizabeth didn’t know what to do. Either agree with him or agree with her heart. She knew that there was a right choice in her heart, that this was a bad decision, but she thought that if she trusted him, he would make her beautiful again. Like she was when she was little. “Give me a pen,” Elizabeth demanded.

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