The Pizza Boy

Story time video entry 12

Michal thorn


Michal: Let me just adjust this camera a bit

Michal: almost got it…perfect

Ok so have you guys ever heard the story about the pizza boy? Well back in 2004 in the east part of Jackson Mississippi there was a story that was stirred up about a teenage boy in a pizza delivery uniform. The crazy thing about it was he only delivered at night ..oh and that uniform he wore…well let’s just say it looked more like a costume he pulled out of a comic book made in the 60’s…no matter how strange and unusual this little detail was.. no one seemed to pay attention to it and if so they didn’t really say anything about it.

Several eyewitnesses stated that he would show up on a old fashioned red scooter then just casually stroll up to the house like a normal teenager and knock on the door… but here is where it gets interesting…. No one had ever seemed to have ordered the pizza.. this is usually how the conversation went.

“Knock knock”

pizza boy!

“The door opens”

The pizza boy: Hi that’ll be 7.76 please

Customer: this must be a mistake I didn’t order any pizza

The pizza boy: crap…I must have the wrong address….well this one’s on the house I guess…enjoy your night

Then he would just leave.

This just kept happening in the same order…around the same time every night that it happened, He even used the same price everytime.

Now let me pause right here because the next part…is even weirder than the last.

So get this…every family that he delivered to just disappeared…gone without a single trace.

They never found a single body or even the clothes they were seen in earlier that same day. From newly wed couples to just living together partners and even whole families were falling victim as well.

The Peterson’s…the Franklin’s even the Jackson’s…all gone…like they were erased from existence.

The only thing people reported seeing was a ultra bright blue light flash.

People were saying that maybe they just left town in a hurry…. Maybe it’s just a Coincidence? Then explain to me why their cars and the rest of their belongings were still intact… It just doesn’t add up.

The FBI dusted for fingerprints and Conducted a full scale investigation but still couldn’t find any evidence. The search went on for months but after a while they decided to just give up on looking all together and the case was closed.

I for one still want to know what happened to those people and why….what was that light…. Who was the Pizza Boy… Was it even Pizza in that box

Mrs Thorn: Michal!

Michal: Hold on guy’s.. yes mom!

Mrs Thorn: Did you order pizza?

Michal: No

Mrs Thorn: Ok

Mrs Thorn: Never mind he says he has the wrong address

“Goes to the kitchen”

Michal: mom….please tell me he didn’t just give you this pizza

Mrs Thorn: yeah he said it was on the house

  • Andrew Weber

    Lol he had it coming.

  • Diego Gomez

    Nice little twist. Props to the author.

    • Simon

      You haven’t seen many twists in stories in your life, I presume.

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    Literally my favorite on here (and it was my first) XD