STitCHeS pt. 6

Author’s Note: HEY! I’m so, so, so, so, sorry I haven’t continued STitCHeS part 6. It’s because I was dealing with drama with friends, and family problems, soon my grandma and mom will fly to Wisconsin in a few days, I am SO sorry!! It’s just that I have to deal with stressful days at school and home, and etc. I will try my best to continue with the series.

Stitches glanced back at the indescribable memory. A crash! The car was near to hitting her and Lily, so, she decided to run for it. She kept running for her life while the car was flipping wildly behind her, almost close to killing her. She wasn’t fully awake, but she was fully awake now! She decided she couldn’t run, not anymore because she knew it would kill her anyways, so she fell.

Surprisingly, the flipping automobile flew over her. Covered by her hands over her head, she was laying on top of Lily, feeling Lily slithering on her stomach made Stitches click. Something in her made her feel like she wanted flesh, blood, organs. She could feel everything around her spinning in circles. Until, everything went black.

The next thing she could remember was that she was surrounded by bloody bodies. Their stomachs ripped open, their mouths dripping with blood, organs everywhere, it was just a bloody disaster. She glanced around the room for Lily, but she was nowhere to be found. “Lily?! Lily, where are you?!” she shouted, being cautious about what she looked like. She finally noticed she was in a public bathroom, she stood up, “Where the fu–” she paused, seeing herself in the mirror, all bloody, hair messed up, her whole body was bloody.

Her fingers, twitching uncontrollably, she tried to wash the blood off from her face, “What’s happening to me? Why am I feeling like this? Am I going mad?” She looked up and saw stains on her face. She took a deep sigh and tried to scrub the stains off her face lightly so her stitches won’t come undone. After 15 minutes of struggling to get the stains off, she felt something smoothing her hair, like petting it. She felt a cold rush going through her arms and legs as the touching thing spoke, “You’re hair’s soft like a pillow.”

  • Char

    Good job on the story so far.

  • DeadCry3232

    thank you. I have bad anxiety disorders I forgot to mention, so yeah.

    • Mason Heimsoth

      Please continue to make these I don’t know why but they these stories kind of calm me when I’m in a bad mood

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        I will release part 7 tomorrow. Don’t worry!