Something’s Wrong

The feeling of fear and anxiety overwhelm me as the sound of police sirens pursue my trail. I fear me and my beloved Alexa will soon be caught and tried for what we have done. I look at my arm which is bleeding profusely as I shut off the head lights to conceal me and my love. I caress her arm and feel she is cold to the touch, that is when I come to the realization she is dead. The police had shot several times into our car and must had hit her. Tears begin streaming down my face as I set in my silence. Before I knew it I was awoke by the sound of metal tapping glass. A bright stream of light blinds me as a commanding voice says, “Put your f*****g hands up!” A gun is pressed up against the glass so I slowly raise my hands so I am not shot. “Open the door and step out slowly!” the police officer said as I trembled with great fear. I did as the officer said and pulled the latch on the door popping it open to reveal several police cars and officers pointing guns at me. This is it all the running was for not. I am slammed up against a police car and cuffed as radio chatter echoes through my head. I sit quietly in the back seat of the cop car as the officer who cuffed me glances at me while driving. “Something’s wrong with you, you know that?” the officer said as I look up at him. “What kind of sick f**k dues that?” I look down to my feet as the officer winces in disgust.

We arrive at the police station ware dozens of reporters are waiting to catch a glimpse of me. We pull into an underground parking lot ware several other officers are waiting, guns in hand. I am shoved into a bright room ware I am beaten to a bloody pulp. I spit blood from my mouth onto the floor as the officer who beat me sits down and looks at me while I sit on the floor looking a mess. “you’re going to rot in a prison cell for the rest of your sick life.” “For what!” I screamed at him. The officer looked visibly sickened by the question. “For finding love just so you could take her away from me!” The officer slowly sits up while looking at me and exits the room. I sit crying with blood falling from my mouth as I think, “Maybe when I get out of here I can be with my love again but this time I will have to dig her up. At least no one will try and stop me from taking her this time.”