Leigth Coolwater had blonde hair and brown eyes. He was bullied for most of his life. None of his friends ever spoke up until he met a special girl. Her name was Robin. She had red flowing hair and glittery green eyes. Robin stood up to all of the bullies that picked on Leigth, even gave him her lunch.

Robin and Leigth where friends for 5 years when IT Happened. Robin noticed something out of the corner of her eye that spooked her for some reason. The fall leaves circled around her as she saw a boy across the street, wearing a white hoodie and jeans. He had black hair and a chilling smile. Robin grabbed Leigth’s hand and motioned to the boy. “Leigth, do you know him?” Robin’s eyes looked desparet. “No, Maybe he’s just a new kid” Leigth said trying to comfort her, they kept walking.

As they walked they lost track of the boy. “See? Everything is ok!” Leigth said carrying the apple juice as they walked down a beautiful abandoned street. Light flickering through the red and orange leaves, a romantic setting indeed. Robin blushing, sat down on a bench to tie her shoes. Leigth sat down next to her and smiled “double knot them next time ok? I don’t want to lose you to a shoelace.”

Robin smiled and kissed Leigth on his cheek. “I don’t want to lose you either…” Leigth blushed and sat down the Juice. “What are you doing that for?” Robin said. “I’m going to get you!” Leigth laughed. Robin and leigth ran around Laughing and Playing in the leaves until sunset. Robin’s pink hat with a small pink pom-pom picked up leaves like a vacuum, he pale pink jacket reflected the sun light like a crystal ball. Leigth’s green jacket, gave him away in the leaves making him easy to find.

When night came they where walking up a cold, dark street with flickering street lights. Robin was calm and happily holding Leigth’s hand until she saw something, something that made the hair on her arms stand on end. She jolted to a stop jerking Leigth to a stop. “What was that for?” Leigth asked. “Look.” Robin said as she pointed to a boy in a white hoodie, with black hair and a chilling smile.

The boy laughed from up the street. He pulled out a knife from his hoodie pocket and started walking forward twords them. “Run, Run, GO!” Robin said as she pushed Leigth twords an abandoned building. They got inside and hid. Leigth under the sink and Robin under the table with a long cloth. “Hello, hello is anybody home?” The boy laughed. “hush, hush, don’t say a peep” he sung as he walked towards them. “Just close your eyes and” He ripped open the door of where Leigth was hiding. The boy pulled him out and dug his knife through Leigth’s cheek. “GO.TO.SLEEP”. The boy now very aggressive. Leigth screamed.

Robin jumped out from under the table and tackled the boy off of Leigth. The boy stabbed Robin in the chest and ran off. Leigth held his hand over his cheek until he noticed Robin was hurt. He sprung up and propped her up with his arm. “Robin!” He said. He put his hand on her cheek and begged her to wake up but she was gone.

A drop of blood from Leigth’s cheek landed on her face. He moved his hand off her face and realized his bloody hand print was on her face. “Robin… no…” He began to cry. He hugged her there for hours. When light started to peek through the gaps in the walls Leigth rubbed his cold open cut in the left side of his face. He gently pulled off her hat and put it on. Leigth walked out and began laughing. He was laughing at his fantasies about killing that boy who killed Robin.

Several murders around the neighborhood occurred later that night. The news reporter covered each one, “I am here at the scene where an entire family was murdered by a blonde haired killer with a green jacket and a cut in his cheek. Please take caution if you see him, he is considered armed and dangerous. Police are calling him, Smirky the killer.”

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