After I Sleep

Sleeping, one thing I absolutely love that in the world. My idea of sleep is just like time travel, if you can understand what I am trying to say and I know you agree to it too. But sometimes, sleep can also alter your perception as to what you are seeing and what is happening is real or not! This brain of ours makes us think and do stuff that can even scare us and make us question our own sanity. In my case it was the sickness it gave me.

I used to study in an army school. If you know about one then you also must be knowing how strict the rules are and we have to follow lots of disciplines and the routine is set from the start. I was against the idea but my dad always believed that to have disciplined children it was necessary to have them study away from home, that made them strong and independent. Hence, I was legally kicked out from the comfort and forced to live in this stable. It was ok I’d say, apart from the body breaking, nerve wrecking schedule and to top that the other students who would leave no minute without harassing you, it was ok.

Where I lived, in that room, there were three other girls with me and to make it worse they were all against me for some reason. I never tried to find out why either and that made them lose their minds. Being in a year senior as you know how they expect us to lick their shoes but chuck it! As maybe this is what made them so mad at me.

It happened one night, one of those girls she was talking on phone when the other girl came in hurry and asked her to accompany her. She was scared and tried to be as silent or else the detention was the worse. I was reading under sheets and the light was less so maybe they didn’t realize my presence and I didn’t bother following them as again chuck it! Who cares. After 10 mins or so they came back with the third girl who was almost half dead. They were scolding each other as to why did they leave her with him alone and she is too high and all that. I concluded that this was a drug talk and ignored and slept. Next morning when I was getting ready for morning exercise, one of those girls came to me in anger and questioned me if I had seen what had happened yesterday night. I replied calmly that I was asleep and didn’t see a thing. She gave me a dire look and left. The day went on fine with everything until the night wherein I was changing into my pajamas when one of the girl caught me from behind and covered my face and mouth. I could feel my hands and legs being tied up and being dragged somewhere. Then I heard a door open and I was pushed inside and was locked. It was a good thirty minutes before they returned and opened the door. Then one of the girl held my hand and tied a tape like something around my upper arm and tightened it. I could feel the pressure in my arm and suddenly a prick which was mostly a needle and then it started, the injected stuff ran through my blood and then I was knocked out.

I woke up next morning in my bed and those three girls hovering on me and smiling. Then one of the girl threw a syringe on my face and said, “This will keep you shut up.” I couldn’t understand what had happened, but my head hurt a lot. I decided to skip school and sleep. It was in late evening when I woke up and realized I had missed everything on that day. I still felt so sleepy so I decided to give in and floated in the dream world. That night I dreamed of something, it was weird because it was my own school but it was empty. I was walking in the long corridors and looking around if anyone was present. I kept on walking and walking when I heard laughter. I moved into the direction of the sound when something hit me. It was a wooden bench and left a scar on my foot. The pain was so real I felt as if it’s all happening just now. But it was a dream right, just when I was about to convince myself I woke up. And the horror was that I was not in my room but in the hallway that I was dreaming about and that hit on the bench hurt a lot. A terrible headache followed and I ran to my room and stumbled upon something. It was a rope but that was not important. I went to sleep again and this time I had a blank sleep. I woke up next morning and was getting ready when one of those girls came to me and slapped me. I was surprised and shocked and then she started spouting as to I was the one killed her and I was taking revenge and she will kill me and blah blah. I ignored her and reached class to find out that one of my room mates was killed by drug overdose. It was a huge shock to school but she actually deserved this and so all the police stuff began and I was questioned too but didn’t have anything particular to record. I carried on my day and it ended as usual. I started having trouble sleeping and would dream of weird places and people whom I would have seen in school or somewhere outside and often wake up in places outside my safety zone. Now, till this point, I knew that there was something wrong happening after I sleep and I was the source but as it didn’t have any such related history I was skeptical about it until that happened.

I again woke up in the lobby but this time I had a syringe with me. I was scared at first as the first idea was that I was doing drugs and suddenly I remembered something. The memory was faint but I remembered being injected with something and couldn’t decide if it was real. I went back to my room only to find another rope on the floor. It puzzled me but again ignored it and slept and went to class next morning only to find out that the girl who died was killed by her lover and all that and I paid no heed. I thought she deserved it and those other two too but who was I to speak judgement to them and my day went on and got over.

That night I dreamed again. This time it was different. I was inside a room and it was lit up with candles. The light was not bright and there was something in the middle on the room, shaking, struggling. I went inside and closed the door behind me. I went further when the candles appeared to be arranged in a circle around the thing. I was closing in when started feeling the heat and burn from the candles. The thing on the chair was moving and shaking violently and i was just looking at it and suddenly I looked on the right of the room to find a book and an axe in the corner. I watched myself moving towards and reaching to pick the book up. It was blank inside when I opened up and then I started walking towards that thing. It was covered with a black cloth so I couldn’t tell what was below it but it took me less than a minute to slaughter them and I let the blood from that thing fall onto the book and then something appeared inside which I couldn’t read. Then a wild gush of wind filled in the room causing the candles to blow off and room turned dark. I opened the door and exited the room.

When I woke up next, I was in the bathroom and my clothes were covered in blood. I looked at myself in the mirror and could see my face changing into something I didn’t recognize. I left the bathroom, changed my clothes and left the school with only that book in my hand. I was in the middle of the road when I had a violent headache and fainted. This time it was a hospital and I was not alone with doctors and police around me. They asked me if I remembered about myself and what all happened in that school. I said i was supposed to do something and go somewhere but they just wouldn’t let me leave. I was shown some photos of the school and I could ben seen in them roaming around with the book and my eyes closed. The police cuffed my hands and charged me for homicide and asked me to keep shut. I had one last headache and I passed out hearing this…

I was roaming in a school which was shut ten years before. The authorities were forced to shut it because of some murders done and bodies were found in conditions that pointed to some cult. I was the last person seen in the school. But again to my surprise, I was announced missing from the day they caught me.