Dark Promise Chapter 3

Crimson looked a while, her eyes adjusted to the darkness. Scarlet still sat there at the door waiting to hear Crimson. The flashlight flickered like a candle which gave a more creepy aura. Crimson saw a light tinted pink pillow sticking out of place in a box. Crimson made her way over and grabbed the box that reeked of death. She looked in seeing two dead mice laying on top. She swiped them off quickly and grabbed the box and still held the flashlight with her left hand. Fear shook over her the fear of dark rooms. She ran up quickly so nothing could grab her and pull her to the darkness. But another part of her said that it wasn’t real. Not this, or anything else. Scarlet waited at the steps and she jumped a little seeing Crimson run from the darkness. “Calm down..” Crimson said handing scarlet the box. Sweat dripped from crimson’s face as the fear of darkness shook her.

Scarlet nodded not knowing how else to signal her. “Well what stuff did you grab?” Scarlet tried to grab the bag from her side, but in a swift swoop Crimson grabbed it and looked inside. “Eh I don’t know if vitamins would do much.” Scarlet shrugged trying to look around. Crimson tried to grab scarlet and lead her out. “Let’s go.” Scarlet could see light shine through her eyelids and she turned towards the screen door. She headed forward as a breeze whooshed in from the door. Crimson followed and saw pure forest ahead. “Keep going.” Crimson spoke pushing Scarlets back. Scarlet started to walk quicker and before she knew it she felt a couple drops of water hit her face. “It’s going to rain soon. Let’s go we need to make a shelter after we are very deep in.” Scarlet smiled. “That’s what she said.” Crimson couldn’t hear so she didn’t bother. Crimson looked around at the pure darkness of the forest. She turned around to see no more light. Just dark trees.

Scarlet smelled pine and that strange musk when it’s about to rain. Crimson just kept watch kept watch on scarlet. Scarlet could see only darkness, but she started to hear strange voices. They called to her helplessly and she started to talk aloud. “Leave me alone!” Crimson saw Scarlet move around and wave her hands violently. “Stop Scarlet you’ll attract something!” Scarlet stopped and looked over at her direction. Crimson cringed seeing her sown eyes but didn’t say anything. Scarlet called out again to Crimson. “I hear voices.” Crimson tilted her head. “You need choices?” Scarlet shook her head and gave up. They continued walking until the smell of rotting flesh corrupted their senses. “What’s that…” Crimson murmured looking around. She saw a hung body hanging from a strong rope that swung back and forth. A crow lay there on the body pecking at the collar bone. “Eh…” Crimson backed up feeling her heart pounding. Scarlet asked what is happening. The slow creaking of the rope was all scarlet could hear. The rope has been wearing off a while and within a snap of a finger, the body and the rope snapped falling and hitting the cold earth. A bone chilling crack came from the body when it reacted to hitting the ground.

“Ah!” Scarlet screamed running blindly pulling Crimson with her. “Calm down scarlet there’s nothing wrong..” Scarlet hit into a tree and fell over. “Oh my god..” Scarlet held her chest and breathed deeply. She started to wheeze and cough. “Shh…. Here’s your inhaler.” Crimson pulled out a small bottle and she handed it to her. Scarlet grabbed the air helplessly until she felt the bottle get pushed into her hands. She opened the flap and brought it to her mouth and squirted out the medication. She breathed in and the wheezing started to slow down in less huffs. “You need to calm down and trust me..” scarlet lay there for a while before getting up. She looked around feeling the wind blow. It was a cold fall day and winter was surely following.

Kids would always make fun of the forest behind their house that there were ghouls and dead people there. But they only said that when they were younger. Scarlet thought it was just for scares, and crimson kinda had an interest in ghosts and stuff like that so it didn’t help. Scarlet started to hear little whispers of things calling for her quietly. It started soft like as if they were asking about her. But after she said something the demons talking started to get more violent. Scarlet started to apologize trying to get the talking to stop but they only got louder. Crimson felt that scarlet was hearing things. She turned around only to be greeted by darkness surrounding her. Little red figures appeared before her and looked like they were chanting. One slit her ankle and she fell. She was calling out for something to help but she ended up collapsing.

Scarlet was wandering around trying to ignore everything even though she ran into a tree. Something grabbed her and she sat there in fear. She was gonna die, or so she thought. But she felt a pinch on her shoulder and she fell down. It got quiet.

Crimson woke up looking around. She was in this cage, that had a lion on the outside scratching at her with its humongous paws. She backed up to the back and she saw the lion slamming against it. It was in complete fear trying to get in and hide. Or was it? And where did the lion come from? Scarlet thought she was still sleeping except she could hear things. So she was awake. She heard horrid laughs echo from it seemed to be a hallway. “What happened to you?” Scarlet stood still. She looked over and she heard laughing. “My if I was to kill I wouldn’t do that to someone. That’s worse than death.” She violently turned around hearing the voice from behind her. “I could just put you out of your misery.” Scarlet out of fear punched in front of her making the figure fall down. “Hey…hey!! Gave me a damn bloody nose!” Scarlet started to shiver in fear. “Hey kid…come on you can’t be scared or you’re not going to live long in life always worrying.” Something opened and light shined through her eyelids. “Come on apparently you got something special.” The door closed again and the light disappeared. But she fell again and her soul connected with the fox soul again. In the woods she looked around. The only thing was that it had multiple tails that swung around. She sniffed the ground and looked forward following a strange smell.

It was the guy from earlier that she spoke to’s smell. It had a cold strong musk that if she wasn’t looking she wouldn’t have noticed. She stepped on a rock and fell over. Her paw dropped blood. She skippered forward finding nothing but feeling a strong presence. A house appeared before her in the woods. She started to bark and howl at the house. She tried to save herself. But she couldn’t see so she only thought it was a house. The barking got more violent and the same guy opened the window. “Shut up…s**t..or I’ll stab you.”

Crimson woke up and sweat covered her whole body. “Gah!” She swung up looking around. Her teeth showing. “Oh..looks like you’re not sleeping anymore. Did you like your dream? I can make you go to sleep again if you did.” A teen boy stood by the door. His hair was almost the same to her newly black hair. The smell of blood and death stuck to him. She didn’t understand what he said since she can barely see him. “I’m deaf and I can’t hear you. But I can see you and speak to you. So if we are going to talk then make the room brighter so I can see your face.” The guy let out a distressed sigh. “Fine…” she sat there on the bed watching him. The light flickered on and she looked at him in horror. A bloody smile stuck out the most. Then the pale crispy skin that reflected the light. His hair was long for the usual male too. And a bloody white hoodie smothered in blood.

“Great huh? Beautiful. I know it is. I did this. Well…most of it.” He let out laughingly. Crimson backed up. “What happened to you? Did someone hurt you..? If so then in that case I can relate to you.” She smiled trying to brighten the mood or at the very least not get murdered. “Oh…” he looked back at her with his piercing eyes. “Well i was protecting my bro then I went to a damn party then got burned to s**t then yeah I made my face perfect then killed my family because they didn’t like my beauty. Now I’m here with my bro that survived and became…” he got quiet. Crimson couldn’t help but walk over and hug him.

“Heh I know how that is. My father used me as a f****d up experiment. The only thing is that I’m frigging 13. My sister is too. She got f****d up too.” The boy looked down at her. “Wow quite the personality for a 13 year old.” She smiled. She could kinda understand what he was saying before. She had to lip read and it was hard. “Do you think you can write down the things you say..it’s hard for me to understand.” The guy shook his head and pulled an old book from his pocket. He pulled out a pen from a page and started to write. “What is your name?” He spoke while writing. Crimson looked down. “My name is crimson. What is yours?” The guy looked down again. Jeff she smiled. “Hey.. do you have an idea where my sister is? She looks almost just like me. And with sewn eyes. She can also become a weird fox creature.” Jeff stopped and paused thinking.

Scarlet still barked at the house. The man peeked out of the door, snuck over and stabbed the fox with a knife of his. The fox bit him and growled. He ran into the house with the fox on his heels. He ran to the room with scarlet inside and the fox ran in too. He looked at the seemingly dead girl and she instantly came back to life as the fox fell down. Blood dripping from its side. She got up and started to move around trying to grab something. She grabbed his arm and felt around. The guy pushed her back. “what are you doing!” She flinched and moved back. “Sorry I was getting my surroundings. I can’t see.” The room got quiet.

“Well what’s up with you coming back here?” He looked over at her. “A damn fox bit me. It’s eyes were sown like yours. Hey, are you connected with it somehow?” Scarlet sat there for a moment. “Yeah…my father somehow made our soul patterns match so we could. But as a result the foxes soul had disappeared. So whenever I’m in danger I think I can take over it’s body.”

The guy wiped his hair out of his eye.

The guy sat there blankly next to her for what it seemed forever. Scarlet started to sweat from her forehead. “Um what is your name.” She asked bleakly. The guy looked at her. “Liu. What’s yours.” He continued to make it awkward and dark. “Scarlet. May you tell me why in the hell i’m here?” “I may not. But it’s a place.” He shrugged his shoulders. “What happened to your eyes.” “My father happened. He sewed them together so that I can’t see. But with my sister he stuffed her ear with something and sewed it together. Amazing, huh?”

He sighed. “In fact I faced a similar situation. My brother f****d me up to the point that I’m just a hunk of flesh that went to the doctors got stitched up and I ended up killing a nurse. That part too. Oh and I have a voice inside my head. But I haven’t heard him in a while. It’s actually strange. Earlier he told me to kill y…” he got quiet. “Me?…” she referred with her hand. “Nothing. I’m done.” Liu walked out of the room. Complete silence fluttered the room. Scarlet felt laughter arise again. Things grabbed for her leg and yanked. She started to scream violently.