Sleep Paralysis

I usually arrive home around 3 something in the morning due to the long hours that I’m kept at work. Closing my door behind me as I step in, placing my messenger bag down, and walk towards the kitchen to brew up some tea on the kettle I sigh anxiously wanting to simply take a shower and head to bed.

When the kettle finishes, I pull a cup from the left cupboard and poor in the hot liquid throwing a tea bag with a green tea scent and bring it up to my bedroom where I take a quick sip then set it on my nightstand. I head to my bathroom to take a shower and do my nightly routine, come back to bed, finish drinking my earl green tea, and pick up a book entitled ‘1984’. Very interesting book…almost done with it.

‘Clank!’ ‘Bang!’

‘What the hell?’ I thought as I played the book next to me and crawled out of the bed to make sure nothing was in the window or anything. There wasn’t, so of course, I went back to bed and thought not much of it.

Few minutes later I hear again, just as I was about to fall asleep and had finished reading, but when I try to get up…I can’t. I can’t move! I-I can’t move my arms, legs, hands, head…not even my eyes. They’re wide open. No, no, no, no ,no please, not me…not this.

‘Arrggh!’ I scream inside my head as I try to move my feet. I’ve heard of this before. When you go into a paralysis, you simply have to focus and breathe, but it’s not working!

Sh*t. This can’t be happening. Wh–“Hahaha…”

Who was that? Goosebumps immediately form throughout my body, but I still can’t see what it is I’m hearing.

“You finally left your door open for me.” The deep voice said, beginning to approach its way to my view. The figure can’t even be considered human by how terrifyingly ugly it was…no face to distinguish anything other than its red eyes. It tilted its head as it looked at me then I feel faint as if I was about to pass out.

“Come out of there.” Come out of where?…then I realize what he meant. I’ve never seen or experienced anything like this before. I furrowed my eyebrows and look down at my own body on the bed. Unmoving. Staring up at the ceiling whereas I’m standing at the foot of my bed with the figure staring at me. My heart skips a beat when he raises a hand up causing me to be pushed up against the wall…choking me. I wrap my hands around my neck subconsciously to try and stop it knowing it won’t do any good. The figure steps closer and smiles, his glowing red eyes staring back at mine.

“Please…l-let me go.” I say forcefully and breathlessly.

“And why would I do that? This is quite entertaining for me.”

“Ple-please.” I began to feel myself running out of breath and then he throws me against the ground in the next instant, walks toward my real life body, hovers his hand over my heart, and closes his hands in a fist making a loud scream come out of me.

“Ah!! Fu*k! Stop!” I yell gripping on my chest as he continues. The figure looks at me, laughs and speeds over to me to then pick me up by my collar. At first I expected to be thrown again, but when I open my eyes again I’m in the hospital hearing the loud heart monitor next to my bed and a Doctor taking notes at the foot of my bed on a clipboard.

“What…happened?” I ask. The Doctor looks up and smiles very creepily.

“You had a sleep paralysis. You’re in the hospital now…where you belong.”


The Doctor begins to walk closer to me and leans over hovering his hand over my chest.

“Come out of there.” His hand closes into a fist.


  • KnC

    A great short story!!