She’ll Have the Last Laugh.

She had been out of bed, got dress and grabbed her bow. Now she stood outside, it was dark. The perfect time to hunt. She was in the forest, she couldn’t turn back, but she was safe. No-one could hurt her, but she could hurt them. Their toothy grins, their wide eyes, their barely visible skin. It excited her, made her skin pale, the sclera now red – near the tear duct – from adrenaline. She was happy, her hands were shaking but she couldn’t stop her actions, not now. Not after she locked the door.

She was up in the trees, waiting for her prey to come near, only then would she attack. Her legs were aching, but the excitement of taking another life, pushed her onward. She heard it, the dull cry of a deer, a grin spread across her face, she was gone, but she remained, carrying the carcass of the killer around. She was controlling her, telling her what to do, who to kill, how she’d kill them, how she’d kill… men.

The body of the innocent girl leaped from tree to tree, making the leaves rustle, quietly. From the branches, she could see the sky, it’s strong black colour, enticing her, making her lick her lips in anticipation, she smelt it, she needed it, needed them to die. She was ready, having her bow out and not making a peep. She thought to herself, ‘do it do it now! I need it, you need it WE need it.’ The body shuffled as the strong smell of decay and flesh and copper filled her nose, it triggered something in her, caused her to jump down on top of the killers, she loved the scene in front of her, it unfolded slowly. The screams of her victim, echoed in her mind, she knew what she was doing, she was trying to break free of the chains that – for five years – she had been tightening. She was trying to break them apart.
Did she not know what ‘fun’ they had shared together? Was she trying to ruin their friendship? She didn’t know, but she knew one thing, she would have none of it.

She screamed, the body echoing her voice from their lungs and out into the cold, dry air of the night. One of the hunters was standing, noting the girl straddling his partner. She saw him reach for the arrow, lodged deep in the deer’s chest, the blood of the animal, cracking and spurting over the floor, as the arrow popped out of the wound. More screams, not audible, but enough to give her a headache. She growled, lunging the body forwards and lodging a clean, wooden arrow, through the neck of the ‘attacker.’ He froze, audible croaks escaping his already bloodied lips.
She felt him drop the arrow, and soon after, saw the man reach up to touch the wound, the arrow had pressure placed on it, so much, that it went clean through the neck. His eyes were glossing over, and were slowly rolling back as the blood filled his throat, and bubbled over, trickling the lips and dripping unevenly, onto whatever surfaces were close. She was cackling now, laughing so hard her head hurt, and her stomach was aching. Her twisted nature told her to twist the arrow and try to get it out. She wanted more , and what she wanted, she got. The hand she was controlling, twisted the arrow, and tugged on it. It reached the thin of skin , but she stopped. She was controlled. She lost all power now. She tugged at the arrow again, but instead of pulling it out, she pulled it sideways, peeling the skin away from the muscle. Her face was emotionless but she was happier than ever. Watching as the victim bent to her will. It gave her arms goosebumps. Sent a shiver down her spine. Blood now coated her hands, as she did her dirty work. The last length of skin, peeled off automatically and landed in the girls hands. She was beyond happy now. The body picked itself up, looked over the bodies and ran off, towards her home of sanity. Sanity that she had lost to her

  • lil taz

    I need more of this story

  • Marto Kolev

    I can relate