Room 101

You awake. The room is dark. All you can see is a glowing red number 10.

You try to move your head, but you are tied down by leather restraints. Your body seems to be paralysed making any movement other than your eyes impossible.

You begin to panic. Your heart races, sweat begins to drip from your forehead. The room is so quiet you can hear the blood flowing through your veins at its accelerated rate. You try to recall the events that lead to this very moment, but your mind draws a blank.

Suddenly you hear a loud pounding. It’s coming from the direction of the red light. It pounds five times then stops. A door opens with a bright light revealing a shadowy figure, a person. You try to call out, but the only sound you can make is a pathetic grunt. Upon further examination of the figure you realize the limbs are too long for a human. You start praying to every God you know that this “thing” didn’t hear you and doesn’t know you are in the room. Your prayers go unanswered. The room is so quiet and hidden that nothing will be able to hear you and nobody will ever find you. You see the creature take a few steps forward and stop. The door closes. Once again, all you can see is the red light until… it gets covered.

A light placed above you turns on. You can see about three feet in front of you. Sight is the only sense you have control over. The quietness would leave you to believe there is nothing, other than you, present in this room, but you know you aren’t alone. The creature is there, lurking in the shadows, watching your helpless body lay in fear, spread across a metal platform. A meal to be so easily consumed.

Then you see it. You hear two feet hit the ground bordering the light. Its arms extend grabbing the slab you are tied to. Its elbows bend, indicating it leaning in closer. Nothing can prepare you for what you are about to see.

It’s your wife’s face, but at the same time it looks nothing like her. Her eyes have no lids, her mouth stretches to her ears. You can see every single tooth she has. You try to count them in hopes it distracts you from the horror in front of you, but it only makes it worse. You hit the number forty seven and you are still on the top row, but your counting gets interrupted when the mouth starts to open. You can hear the skin stretching, the bones snapping to readjust similar to that of an Anaconda before it attacks its prey. The teeth are now pressed against the top of your head and that’s where they stay.

They start to bite down. The pressure soon becomes unbearable. It feels like the worst headache known to man and gets worse with every passing second. You are unable to tell the difference between sweat and silica as the both stream down your face. You feel a needle like sensation on your arm. Your eyes dart to your left shoulder. The creatures fingers crawl up your arm like a spider closing in on the fly that has flown into its web. They creep their way to the back of your neck. All but one lift. Then the one slowly birdied itself into your spinal cord and starts dancing on the nerves. You may be paralysed, but you can feel every single thing.

Its mouth crushing your skull and its finger tapping your spine. You are hoping you pass out from the pain, but there is no sign of you passing out. You hear the bones in your skull start to snap and break. Your nervous system is on fire. You pray for the release of death, but then you hear something.

Five loud poundings. The creature pulls out its claw from your neck. Detached its mouth from your head. The pain still flowing through your body just as much as when it had you in its grasp. The creature back into the dark.

The door opens once more. Taking back the evil it let into your room. It’s quiet once more and all you can see is the red light, but it says 9 now.

You hear a loud pounding repeat five times.

A door opens.

A new figure appears.

You hear your daughter’s voice call out, “…Daddy?”