Robert the Doll

One day I had visited a museum near my home for the first time. It was strange once I took a picture of a doll named, “Robert”. This is the story of how he haunted me from 2 days ago and now.


I had arrived at a museum my friends had told me about. When I got there, I saw neat stuff. I found this doll. Like all the others, I took out my camera.

I was focusing the camera, but then someone yelled at me, “STOP! DON’T TAKE THE PICTURE YET!” But I already took it.

The person who yelled at me was a woman looking like in her 20’s.

“Did you ask permission to take a photo yet?”

“No. Why?”

“Oh no… you’ve been cursed by Robert!”

“What do you mean?” She ran away. I thought it was weird.

I was going to take another picture of Robert until my camera’s battery was going down quickly. Like -5 battery every second. It was weird. I decided to go home.

I was in bed. I tried to sleep. I closed my eyes… then I heard a noise downstairs. (THUD THUD THUD) like heavy footsteps. I went down. When I got on the 3rd step, it stopped. I quickly got down and went to the garage to get my gun. I went to the living room and I saw something sitting in the chair. Shaped like a doll.


I got freaked out. I dropped the gun. I locked Robert in my garage. I went back to my bedroom and slept.

When I woke up, in my chair, again,


I got so freaked out I threw him out the window. It was a dumb move. I pretended I didn’t do it, and just went to work.

In the car, I looked through my mirror and in the backseat,


I turned crazy and went to the museum to return him.

I was late for work. But I didn’t care.

When I got home, again, in the chair,


I was planning to burn it. But I couldn’t feel like doing it. It was museum property. So I had to deal with him every day.

Right now I’m planning to move. But I’m sure Robert will follow me. Everywhere, everyday. One day, I’m sure he will get aggressive and injure me.


  • Creepypasta queen


    • Stephen White

      My thoughts exactly.

  • Stephen White

    I can’t feel any form of emotion, and this weirder even me out, mostly though, it was confusing.