Road Trip 2


As we approached the path leading to the main door, the gravel crunched beneath our feat. The only sounds we could hear were, the crunch of the gravel, and the songs being sung by the mockingbirds in the willow trees. The songs were a little relaxing to tell the truth, after the day we’ve had so far it was nice to just listen and take a few deep breaths.

Suddenly the songs of the birds was Tommy rummaging through the backpack he had brought with him, most likely his inhaler, spare glasses, and a book. But when we asked what he had packed he gave an unusually vague answer.

“What’s in the pack man?”

Ken didn’t even look at him as he asked, he was merely facing forward, nearly perfect posture, eyes set on our destination.

“Oh, it’s nothing. Just emergency stuff.”

He kinda looked away as he told us. Like he knew what he was saying wasn’t what we wanted to hear. I looked at him with curiosity wondering what was really in the pack.

“Like what Tommy?”

I looked at the bag he was holding. A black under armour bag, with a bunch of different stickers on the outside. The straps were a little weathered, but the pack seemed ok.

“Nothing guys, it’s just stuff.”

He seemed very defensive, like he was hiding something. His tone was lower than usual, he really wanted us to back off. We noticed the sound of the gravel crunching under his feet speeding up slowly. His whole life had been him being nervous. But this was new, he was never so paranoid. Something changed in him, something so important he may not be the same person

“Whatever let’s just keep walking guys.”

Ken said as he stared off into the setting sun, the dim orange light bounced off of his pale blue eyes. His boots crunched the gravel under his feet louder than our sneakers. He wore black combat boots, green army pants, and a black torn tank top with his dog tags hanging around his neck.

We kept walking, listening to the sweet subtle songs of the birds pleasently hitting our ears with subtle tone changes. The shadows of the leaves danced around us as the sun slowly got lower in the sky. Time must’ve been slipping away as we slowly made our way along the gravel pathway leading to the door. I began to unknowingly hum along with the songs of the birds. In those few moments, I truly felt at peace.

My glasses got fogged as the air seemed to get more humid. I took off my resident evil hoodie, exposing my twenty one pilots t-shirt, a little dirty but it didn’t matter. I never cared much about the clothes I wore. I just kinda wore what was in the closet.

“Guys it’s getting dark we may have to go back to the van.”

Tommy said as the fog on his glasses, got thicker and he had to wipe them on his shirt. He wore a white and black button up shirt, with slightly faded torn blue skinny jeans, and some generic blue sneakers now covered in dust from the gravel pathway.

“What are you talking about, we walked all the way hear. We’re not leaving now.”

Ken said as he stopped and turned to Tommy. They stood there glaring at each other like fighting would seem like a dream. They glared at eachother with lifeless dark gazes. Their fists clenched, gritting there teeth slowly walking towards eachother. Something between them was just making things worse. Like a personal struggle between the two that I never knew about.

I jog towards them putting myself in-between them. They’re steps actually kinda squishing me as their pace increased. Ken grunted as he looked at Tommy preparing himself to say something. The shades of emotions changed dramatically. No longer was this a walk to get help. They had their own agendas. At this moment there was no broken down can to get fixed. Just two guys almost ready to kill eachother.

Taking a deep breath he looked at Tommy. With the most serious expression I’ve ever seen on his face. The shadows painted Tommy’s face, as though they were trying to hide him from the world around us. This is different, we’ve had our fights but this is different. There was more emotion in this than usual. Whatever was fueling this must’ve been serious.

“I bet your dad was a p***y too wasn’t he? I mean I know you’re a p***y but I didn’t know it ran in the family.”

Ken said it with no emotion as if he didn’t care. Tommy’s eyes widened with anger. His firey gaze set on the bag he dropped on the ground. He grabbed the under armour bag and rummaged through it rage on his face, just then a knife case fell out. Tommy grabbed it and pulled out a polished k bar knife and ran at Ken with incredible speed.