The Respawn Project. It’s for any broken minded person to show their hellish piece of the cerebellum. In a way, yes it is real. We are everywhere. Watching everyone. We are one. We are what others need. Anonymous. SoulWatch. The CCC. They are known for their reasons. Respawn, it was embroiled in the pits of broken souls. It was created due to the vengeful people. We were once broken by the world, we now show what they did. Any piece of hell from your mind. Any encryption. Any horror. Any scare. Show the world what you’re made of.

There is desolation in all of who we are, you know who. But none is set to agree to what the world did to them, segregation, war, disease, loss, anarchy, abuse; mentally and physically, we have our reasons to turn. To change, to hate, or to love. The time is now, the era has begun, time has now froze for the ones dying, forever in a cycle, not living, nor dying, The Desert Is Clear now, rise from it. Not all of us has been fortunate to be alive, or to even feel alive, so take advantage of the deep circles around our mind.

We cannot find ways to hide the pain, releasing it is the cope we need, stories, songs, poetry, videos, all sort of visuals for the people who hurt you to see their artwork, we are all artwork, beautiful to someone with exhilarating taste, but until then, we are work, being fixed, worked on constantly, either for better or for worse, let the knowledge of your art out. With us, you’ll see, some things do change. But remember we are watching, we see everything, following you  in your mind, you’ll think of us, you’ll see us, the name, the cross, we respawn, all of us. Do not think we cannot see you.

~ T.J. New Mexico and the Order of Five, Respawn

  • Aron Paul


  • Jed

    3/5 Strange, but intriguing.